Holy Chemist

Chemists and chemical warfare experts from the Holy Exalted Kingdom of Light.


Despicable and responsible for many deaths through their reckless use of chemical weapons, flamethrowers, and the arsenal of experimental biological warfare designs the Kingdom wishes to be tested. These modern Plague Doctors are no longer mere curious "scientists" with a goal of studying a disease, but instead the closest one can come to being a manifestation of the Horseman of Pestilence, bring chaos to battles and ruining untold lives.

Class Prerequisites

Chemistry (Learned), soldier or scientist for Holy Exalted Kingdom of Light, and must be at least level 6.

Class Skills

Holy Chemists receives the following skills: [Skill Name (Skill Rank)]

Class Traits

Holy Chemists receive one of the traits from the following list: [Trait name]

Level Class Abilities
1 Chemical Warfare
2 Gas Grenades
3 Chemical Discovery
4 Iron Lungs
5 Chemical Discovery
6 Horseman of Pestilence
7 Chemical Discovery
8 Merciless Chemist
9 Chemical Discovery
10 Until The Whole World Chokes

Class Details

Details pertaining to Holy Chemists.

Chemical Warfare

Usage of chemicals in war, although decried by most as a war crime and horrid abuse of a person's rights, you are an artisan of this dark craft. Backed by the HEKoL, you have access to one of the leading armies who utilizes such powerful tools.

Every day you begin by creating a batch of chemical gasses, creating an amount equal to 1/2 Holy Chemists level (minimum of 1) plus your Intellect. These chemicals are basic and require no check, and are contained within bottles, vials, or similar containers which burst when thrown.

These chemicals are thrown at a range of 8 hexes, and create a 2 hex burst of chemical gas which functions as a Toxic Atmosphere for 1d4 rounds.

Gas Grenades

You are able to better contain the chemicals you create with your Chemical Warfare class ability, becoming able to put them into smoke grenades. This takes 1 minute to alter a smoke grenade with your chemical compound, and upon doing so your chemicals use the smoke grenade burst radius and any other potential effects the grenades may impart.

Chemical Discovery

As with any evolving art form, new methodology and new tools become available all the time. At 3rd level and every odd level thereafter you learn a new Chemical Discovery, which is a new chemical which can replace one of the prepared generic chemicals from your Chemical Warfare ability.

  • T6-08: This caustic gas acts similar to an acid, eating away at flesh. This functions as Corrosive atmosphere instead of Toxic.
  • V12 "Heavy" Gas: A substance which once absorbed through the skin makes movement difficult as the muscles enter a temporary state of rigor mortis. For 2d4 rounds those within the area which are affected act as if they're in difficult terrain. Those within the area have an attack at 7D made against their Resilience each round they end their turn within the gas.
  • Pyfoxilon: Created for the express purpose of causing disorientation on the battlefield, leading to the victims taking actions they don't wish to normally. For 1d6 rounds opponents within the area have a 7D attack made against their Grit each round they begin their turn within the gas and on a successful hit they are afflicted with Confusion for 1d4 rounds. On the attack, 2 successes can be spent to increase the duration of the confusion by 1 round.
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