Backgrounds are the character's origin, where they come from and what their experiences have led them to it. At character creation, players receive a single background. These backgrounds give some traits and/or training in skills.

If a GM wishes to include or add more backgrounds, they should feel free to, or modify existing ones.


An adherent to a religion or a former student or cloister, you've since been sent out to the wider world for good or ill.

Skill: Lore (Your Religion)
Trait: Faithful


You've lost a good bit of your memory, and now you struggle to put the pieces together.

Skill: Lore (any one) or Research
Trait: Foggy Memory


Studying the stars is your passion, looking to both the scientific and mystical aspects of the stars and constellations.

Skill: Lore (Astronomy) and Lore (Astrology)
Trait: Born Under the Star (choose one)


You've been trained to cut hair, pull teeth, engage in bloodletting, and even some minor surgeries. Your job is well respected, but often quite messy.

Skill: Perform (Barbering)
Trait: Quick Fix


Living outside of the law and engaging in thefts and assaults, you've had your fair share of crimes committed outside of the eyes of the law.

Skill: Intimidate
Trait: Thug or Conniving

City Rat

Born in the slums of a much larger city, you have been poor for as long as you can remember. This has led you to a live of surviving on the edge, and knowing less legal ways of acquiring wealth.

Skill: Lockpicking or Sneaking
Trait: Unassuming or Youngster


Trained by your parents or a teacher, you know how to put good meals together, and how to enrich the flavors of said meals.

Skill: Cooking
Trait: Well-Supplied (Rations)


You're a hardened criminal - whether or not you've served time in jail or not. You've seen a lot, and done a lot, building up a reasonable reputation.

Skill: Intimidate
Trait: Infamous


You've been cursed, or are believed to be cursed, and other people are not only cautious around you, but you try to remain ever-vigilant against your own curse.

Skill: Arcana or Symbology
Trait: Curse


Whether you travel at night often or are a resident of the underground, you're accustomed to the dark - leading to being more well-attuned to seeing in pitch blackness.

Skill: Sight or Hearing
Trait: Dark Sight


You've chosen to desert the army, eschewing the privileges and benefits it granted you in favor of a life of freedom.

Skill: Lore (Military)
Trait: Infamous or Desensitized


An emissary for one of the many factions, political entities, or religious organizations, your specialization is in diplomacy and wordplay.

Skill: Etiquette and Deception or Persuasion
Trait: Polyglot


Your lifeblood is the crowds, the people and their cheers or jeers. It fuels you, motivates you to go on.

Skill: Perform (any one) or Trade (any one)
Trait: Socialite


An exile from a country, faction, or religious order, you've been cast out and now must fend for yourself.

Skill: Lore (your chosen group) and Deception
Trait: Exiled (your chosen group)


You're a faithful adherent to a religion, believing in the tenants and going out to spread your faith to others.

Skill: Arcana or Ritual
Trait: Faithful or Prophet


You've spent time tilling the lands with understanding of crop cycles, seasons, and animals fresh in your mind.

Skill: Animal Handling and Herbalism
Trait: Rustic


You enjoy your games of chance, and taking risks. This naturally led to a life out on the fringes, dealing with shady and less than reputable individuals.

Skill: Gambling
Trait: Lucky


Combat in traditional arena blood sports has hardened you, and attuned you to both fame and death.

Skill: Sword
Trait: Socialite or Flourishing Combat


Every lawful society has local guardians, police usually - and you've served as one. This has made you more confident, and more knowledgeable of the law.

Skill: Lore (Law) and Intimidate
Trait: Strong Will or Dutiful


An apothecary by trade, you have knowledge of plants and their medicinal effects and can create remedies with your herbalism.

Skill: Herbalism
Trait: Toxin Resistance or Apothecary


Trained in looking into mysteries - whether they be legal cases or just civilian information gathering, you do it all.

Skill: Research and Tracking
Trait: Eye for Detail


As a rebel against the perceived tyrannical government you live under, you have knowledge in guerilla tactics.

Skill: Deception
Trait: Outcast and Rebellious


You're skilled at cutting down trees to get logs, logs which can be used for later woodcrafts or buildings.

Skill: Axe and Athletics
Trait: Strong Arms

Martial Artist

Trained in the ways of a specific school of unarmed combat, you've taken to turning your body into its own weapon.

Skill: Unarmed
Trait: Disciplined or Ki


You worked as a hired mercenary for a time, making coin to live day by day.

Skill: One of the following weapon types: Axe, Bow, Cudgel, Polearm, Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Sword, or Unarmed.
Trait: Professional or Dutiful


Buying goods and selling them, you've had your fair share of trade and bartering making you adept at catching good deals.

Skill: Appraise and Persuasion
Trait: Good Deal


Mining precious metals, gems, and other valuable ores from beneath the ground, you have plenty of experience with a pickaxe.

Skill: Athletics
Trait: Strong Arms or Smasher


Music is your heart and soul, playing and creating music is beautiful and you strive to satisfy your creative drive.

Skill: Lore (Music) and Perform (choose one instrument or voice)
Trait: Socialite or Keen Hearing


With knowledge of esoteric and hidden aspects of the world, calling upon powers you may possess.

Skill: Arcana
Trait: "The Spark" or False Mage


Part of the upper class of society, nobles are involved in land holding and taxation or are immensely wealthy from other ventures.

Skill: Etiquette and Deception, Persuasion, or Intimidate
Trait: Blue Blooded and Mark of Nobility


Traveling across the land and choosing not to settle down in one specific region, you're always on the move - day in and day out.

Skill: Lore (Wilderness)
Trait: Well Travelled


Intertwined with the political body of your nation, you've dealt with the legal process as well as helping (or trying anyways) to shape your nation.

Skill: Lore (Law) and Deception or Persuasion
Trait: Two-Faced or Dutiful


Imprisoned for crimes (guilty or not) and now - you've either been released, escaped, or are under supervision to maybe earn your freedom.

Skill: Lockpicking, Sneaking, or Trickery
Trait: Jailbird and Innocent Yet Charged or Infamous


Incredibly capable from a young age, you've shown incredible skill in a field that others are often envious of.

Skill: Lore (choose any two)
Trait: Prodigious


A part of the royalty of a nation or a now-deposed member of royalty, your years of being in the noble courts have given you skills in the social arts.

Skill: Persuasion or Intimidate
Trait: Blue-Blooded and Mark of Royalty


A sea fairer by trade, you've grown accustomed to the ocean and its perils.

Skill: Perform (Sailor) and Rope Use
Trait: Sea Legs


Unlike most, you take to collecting scrap and other garbage in order to make your living, make new creations, or repair old and broken devices you've discovered.

Skill: Mechanics and Sight
Trait: Junk Master


Collecting knowledge from books and stories of old, you've become adept at understanding various areas of knowledge better than most.

Skill: Lore (choose any two)
Trait: Eidetic Memory


Your family's name is well known, being told of through stories and a mixture of truth and legend.

Skill: Lore (choose any one)
Trait: Famous or Infamous


Working as a spotter for others - be they government, military, or private contractors, your skills lay in finding your way and spotting danger.

Skill: Sight and Tracking
Trait: Lay of the Land


Having been hired (or pressed) into servitude for another, you're accustomed to obedience - whether it be through diligent training, or…through suffering.

Skill: Etiquette
Trait: Dutiful and Professional or Whipped to Submission


Always willing to learn and wishing to garner knowledge through the guidance of a master, you've acquired some knowledge thanks to your time spent studying.

Skill: Research
Trait: Well Studied or Unconventional Learner


One of the most reviled yet high demand professions, you are responsible for collecting money from citizens - usually flanked by guards to avoid thieves or angry civilians.

Skill: Appraise and Persuasion
Trait: By the Book or Dirtied Hands


You lecture and teach other students of the arts, wishing to impart your knowledge to them so they may learn to be as skilled - or more skilled - than you.

Skill: Lore (choose any one) and Storytelling
Trait: Mentor and Will to Teach or I Hate Kids


Getting bored of staying on your ass and living a carefree life, you've taken to exploring - picking up skills along the way and discovering new places through your travel.

Skill: Hunting and Tracking
Trait: Well Travelled or Lay of the Land


Of course, the path of violence has been with your since the beginning. You enjoyed fighting from a young age starting with rough housing, and graduating to street brawls or other - more legal - tests of strength.

Skill: Unarmed and Sword, Axe, Pistol, or Shotgun
Trait: Strong Arms or Strong Will


One of the retches of society, witches are regarded with scorn and fear as they are believed to hex those they dislike, and forge deals with those who fearfully seek them out. Whether that's true…whose to say?

Skill: Arcana and Deception or Persuasion
Trait: Hexcraft or False Mage

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