Characters have a class; a representation of their abilities, experiences, and role. Classes come in many forms, and some mix roles other classes may specialize in.

At character creation, a character takes a level in any class they fit the prerequisites for. Every level thereafter, they can take a level in any other classes they fulfill the prerequisites for, or continue to progress in their current class. Some classes also may require other classes to be taken as part of their prerequisites.

Base Classes

The following are base classes which are available to be taken.

Advanced Classes

The following are advanced classes which are available to be taken.

Class Rules

These are rules pertaining to classes overall, as well as players who wish to take class levels.

Maximum Level

Characters have a "maximum Level" of class levels they can have, which is determined by the GM of the game. Default is 20 for most characters (typically 10 Base Class levels, and 10 Advanced Class levels), however GMs can feel free to increase, decrease, or completely remove the Maximum Level.


Players can take levels in different classes instead of upgrading their level in the same class. Doing this is known as "multiclassing", and some Advanced Classes may rely on this as part of their prerequisites.

When first taking a level in another Base Class, you gain the class trait at 1st level as well as the skills, however you do not upgrade any skills which you already have if the new class would grant that skill again, instead it grants any new skills to you from the class at the Proficiency listed by the class. If the Proficiency listed is higher than your current proficiency, you use the new proficiency.

Starting Wealth

Characters start with a number of Serpents when first making their character as determined by their level.

Starting Wealth is equal to 1,000 × level.

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