Those who study the stars learn they hold patterns, patterns which can be used for discerning the near future to a limited degree.


What some attribute to luck, the "enlightened" folk known as Astrologers interpret as the mechanisms of the universe churning ever forward - luck and chance are but myths and superstition to them. In their eyes, this thing called "luck" is a malleable force - one which is constantly in flux but with enough pressure can be shaped and molded into the shapes the sculptor desires, even if only temporarily. Though this treatment of simple random chance as a false paradigm is extreme and not entirely correct, Astrologers seem to have control over something which allows this belief to persist, and "prove itself" to the Astrologer time and time again.

To an Astrologer, every failure was always going to happen - set in stone and unable to be changed by them no matter how hard they manipulate "luck". This belief turns all of their successes as result of their own efforts and success (even when it may not be), and every failure equally destined to occur, and thus nothing to curse at and certainly not a reason to curse at fate - it was already destined to happen. You were just too blind to see the universe's predestined outcome.

Class Prerequisites

Born Under the Star

Class Skills

Astrologers receives the following skills: Pistol [Learned], Chemistry [Learned], Arcana [Learned], Appraise [Learned], Lore (Astrology, Astronomy, and Prophecy) [Learned], Research [Learned], Ritual [Learned], Symbology [Learned], Trickery [Learned], Sight [Learned], and Deception [Learned]

Class Traits

Astrologers receive one of the traits from the following list: Lonesome, Cosmic Strategist, Born Under a Shooting Star, Fortunate

Level Class Abilities
1 More Than Luck
2 Spread Discord
3 Scourge of Sanity
4 Unwrite Destiny
5 Unwilling Ally
6 Prophet of Fate
7 Contingency
8 The Cosmic Plan
9 Plan In Motion
10 Obliteration of the "Self"

Class Details

Details pertaining to Astrologers.

More Than Luck

Through your powers, you're capable of manipulating the world around you. After making a skill roll or attack roll as a Minor Action you can reroll a die result on that check. You can reroll a number of die results per day equal to your Astrologer level plus your Drive. This can only be done once per roll, thus the same skill check or attack roll couldn't have multiple rerolls multiple ones.

Spread Discord

As a Major Action, all enemies within 4 hexes of you increase the Target Number of all checks by 1 for a number of rounds equal to 1d4 + your Drive. You can use this a number of times per day equal to half of your Astrologer level (minimum of 1).

Scourge of Sanity

As a Major Action you can target an opponent within 6 hexes of you who you have line of sight of. You can make an attack roll against the opponent's Grit, and on a successful hit the opponent takes 4 points of Sanity damage and every 2 additional successes you roll you can spend on increasing the Sanity damage by 1. This attack roll uses your Drive and also receives a bonus +1 die bonus at 6th level and 9th level each.

Unwrite Destiny

As a Reaction you can attempt to affect the attack roll result of an attack made against you. When using this ability, the opponent who has made an attack roll against you must reroll any successes they previously rolled on their attack, and being forced to take the new results. This can result in the opponent rolling more successes than they had before (for example, an enemy rerolling two 8 results and one comes up as 9 and the other comes up as 12, resulting in 3 successes instead of 2).

This can be done a number of times per day equal to 1 plus an additional time per day at 7th level and 10th level.

Unwilling Ally

Through forces unseen you can force someone who is otherwise hostile to become your ally. This is a Major Action and is an attack using then same attack roll for Scourge of Sanity versus Grit, and on a successful hit the opponent will be compelled to defend you in any way they see fit, either socially defending you (if out of direct combat) or physically defending you.

While under this charm, the enemy will either make attack rolls against those who hurt you (but not against those who hurt your allies) or will attempt to take a hit for you if they are adjacent to you or the attacker. If they choose to do the latter, they will take the damage for you if the opponent would have hit you with a successful attack roll. After taking this damage however the charm immediately ends.

This can be used a number of times per day equal to 1 + your Drive.

Prophet of Fate

As a self professed 'prophet of fate', you have deeper insight than others. Increase your Drive by 1.


Sometimes, not everything goes to plan…and of course, when things don't go to plan, you have a plan for that too. If you would be reduced to 0 HP you can once per day use this ability. You immediately stabilize and stop bleeding out as well as halting any other continuous damaging effects (such as being on fire). In addition to this, all attempts to identify your life signs by enemies shows you as being dead, while allies can tell you're alive. You recover 1 HP per minute while in this state until you reach 1 HP again, after which this healing effect stops and you regain consciousness.

The Cosmic Plan

In the grand plan of the universe, you're one of the few people who can witness and understand the greater picture. You receive a +2 bonus to Grit and increase your maximum Sanity by 5.

Plan In Motion

You've achieved a higher state of being, and a higher state of mind, able to execute plans to turn your failures into successes. As a Minor Action you can choose an effect which is increasing the TN of a check, and instead turn the increase in TN into a die bonus to your check. This can only affect one penalty effect at the same time. For example if two effects are increasing your Sight skill TNs by 1, you can modify that to become a +1 die bonus. However, if a single effect is increasing TN by 2, it would transform into a +2 die bonus.

Obliteration of the "Self"

What was once "you", is no more. What was once "you" is now another cog in the astral machine. A flesh automaton animated by neurotransmitters, an entity who needn't abide by the Earthly laws, and only bound by that which the universe holds you to.

Increase Intellect and Intuition by 1, and you are immune to any effects which would control your mind or emotions (such as the Fear status effects, or another Astrologer's Scourge of Sanity or Unwitting Ally abilities).

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