Trained to guard important individuals, bodyguards rely on their superior reflexes to take a hit for the one they're guarding if necessary.


Bodyguards make up a majority of "royal guard" type positions, from agents whose job it is to protect their country's leader, to those hired to protect CEOs of major corporations who are fearful for their life. Training to become a bodyguard is arduous, requiring utmost loyalty as well as the ability to react to danger the instant it presents itself - sometimes being scrutinized even when the danger couldn't be known reasonably. Bodyguards have a massive amount of responsibility, and as such, care about their performances as if it were life and death (which, it often is).

Some bodyguards also work within teams of other individuals, providing their aid and expertise in defense along the way.

Class Prerequisites

Agility 4 or higher and Vitality 3 or higher

Class Skills

Bodyguards receives the following skills: Pistol (Learned), Unarmed (Learned), Lore [Politics and Mercenary Work] (Learned), Medicine (Learned), Tracking (Learned), Acrobatics (Learned), Athletics (Learned), Drive (Learned), Hearing (Learned), Sight (Learned), Smell (Learned), Taste (Learned), Touch (Learned), Disguise (Learned), Etiquette (Learned), Intimidate (Learned), and Persuasion (Learned)

Class Traits

Bodyguards receive one of the traits from the following list: Dedicated, My Country, My Profession, Always Alert

Level Class Abilities
1 Guardian, Tough
2 Defensive Push
3 Into the Fray +1
4 Bodyguard's Alertness
5 Defensive Offense
6 Into the Fray +2
7 Offensive Defense
8 Stand Your Ground
9 Into the Fray +4
10 Resistant to Lead

Class Details

Details pertaining to Bodyguards.


As a bodyguard, you are adept at stepping in the way of danger if it every may reach those around you. This is a Reaction and can only be used on those adjacent to you, and when taken as an action you take the damage of an attack if it would hit your ally instead of the ally. If it would miss your ally, it also misses you. This cannot be used if you are otherwise immobilized or unable to react.


Your skin is toughened against attacks from routine conditioning which often involved (intentionally or unintentionally) getting yourself beaten to the brink of death before being revived by doctors on sight. You add your Bodyguard level to your maximum Hit Points.

Defensive Push

If an ally adjacent to you would be subject to an attack, you can spend a Reaction to attempt to push them out of the way. Doing so increases the TN of the attack being made by 1, and must be done as the attack is announced but before the attack is rolled. This can be combined with the Guardian ability and only takes one Reaction to do so, however doing so causes you to fall prone at the end of the usage, and on your next turn you lose one of your Minor Actions.

Into the Fray

Adept at getting into the thick of a fight before everyone else, your bonus from Into the Fray is added to your initiative. This bonus starts at +1 at 3rd level, then increases to +2 at 6th, and finally +4 at 9th level.

Bodyguard's Alertness

You receive a +1 die bonus on all Sense skill checks. This bonus increases to a +2 die bonus when a Sense skill check is being made in defense of someone (such as searching for potential threats to the one you're protecting).

Defensive Offense

When making a melee attack, you can spend a Minor Action before the attack is rolled to grant yourself or an adjacent ally a +1 bonus to Avoid until the beginning of your next turn. Alternatively, you can spend two Minor Actions in order to grant a +2 to yourself or an adjacent ally.

Offensive Defense

You can spend a Reaction after an enemy lands a successful attack roll on you to immediately retaliate against them with a melee attack roll of your own. This occurs regardless of the amount of damage dealt to you (thus, if the attack would otherwise kill you, you still land the hit off before dying), however your attack killing the attacker would not stop the damage you're about to take either.

Stand Your Ground

If you do not take a Movement action on your turn, you receive a +2 bonus to Avoid. This bonus stacks with the bonus granted from Defensive Offense if it is used.

Resistant to Lead

You've become a 'bullet sponge' according to some, being able to soak in otherwise lethal hits and still walk away. At the beginning of the day you receive 10 bulletproof points, and when taking ballistic damage you reduce the damage taken by 3 and reduce your bulletproof points by 2. These points refresh back to 10 after 8 hours of rest and so long as you have received healing since having taken the damage.

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