Those with a quick wit, and a sharp tongue, using their charisma for their benefit.


Not everyone makes their living through back-breaking labor, but instead through their natural charm and ability to command an audience. Those blessed with a silver tongue are often the ones who join either the entertainment industry (if any) or end up becoming politicians.

Class Prerequisites

Charm 6 or higher

Class Skills

Charlatans receives the following skills: Comedy (Learned), Deception (Learned), Etiquette (Learned), Haggling (Learned), Intimidate (Learned), Persuasion (Learned), Perform [Choose any two] (Learned), Seduction (Learned), and Gambling (Learned)

Class Traits

Charlatans receive one of the traits from the following list: Philanderer, Prankster, Performer, Dervish

Level Class Abilities
1 Street Knowledge
2 Presence
3 Scoundrel's Luck +1
4 Capture Attention
5 Careful Wording
6 Scoundrel's Luck +2
7 Many Connections
8 Slip Up
9 Scoundrel's Luck +3
10 Silver Tongue

Class Details

Details pertaining to Charlatans.

Street Knowledge

You've picked up many 'street smarts' as part of your journeys, learning the ins and outs of society (be it high society or the dregs). When prompted to make a Knowledge skill check and you're in a city or have a source of information you can ask you can use your Persuasion in place of the skill if the situation would make sense. For example, asking a random passerby if they've heard of the correct way to bandage a wound in place of making a Medicine check and relying on your own knowledge.

If this knowledge skill being used involves performing the action in question (as in the Medicine example), your success or failure of the Persuasion check determines the success or failure of the Medicine check. Using the above example; on a successful check if you were prompted due to an attempt to bind someone's bleeding wound, you successfully bind their wound by applying the knowledge given.

This usage of a skill cannot be retried on a failure.


Your allies within 6 hexes of you which are able to see you feel inspired and/or relieved by your presence when in danger, receiving a +1 bonus to Grit.

Scoundrel's Luck

Luck has always been at your side, whether or not you ever realized it. But as time has progressed, it's become more and more pronounced. You receive a bonus to all of your defenses starting at a +1 at Scoundrel level 3, and increasing every 3 levels of Scoundrel thereafter.

Capture Attention

At a moment's notice you can force someone to pay attention to you, drawing their attention to you and distracting them. Against a target within 6 hexes who you can see and who can hear you, you can make a Persuasion check against their Grit and on a successful hit, their focus is captured by you. Not only are they required to face in your direction on their turn, but they must make attempts to interact with you (positively or negatively, depending on their feelings toward you) so long as this effect lasts. This effect is a mind-affecting effect, and individuals who are unable to understand your language receive a +1 to Grit versus this, and it lasts for 1 round and 2 successes can be spent to increase the duration by 1 round.

Careful Wording

Due to a history of failed lies, unintentional insults, and poorly thought out threats, you've come to a point where you can recover quickly from social blunders. If you've failed at a Deception, Etiquette, Haggling, Intimidate, Persuasion, or Seduction check you can retry the check once, even if you would otherwise be unable to normally. If you succeed at the retry attempt, the opinion or mood of the target of your skill check is unaffected.

Slip Up

By bewildering and confusing a foe, you can cause them to make mistakes in their actions and failing at simple actions. As a Major Action against an adjacent target, and for 1 round they increase the TN of any check/attack by half your Charm (minimum of 1).

Silver Tongue

Achieving a level of charm which has impressed many. Increase your Charm by 1.

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