The sky is, and always has been your home. Your plane is like an extension of yourself, and you couldn't think of it any other way.


Description of the class, short or long. Usually describes the role and whatnot.

Class Prerequisites

Prerequisites of the class, if any. If none, write N/A

Class Skills

[Class name] receives the following skills: [Skill Name (Skill Rank)]

Class Traits

Hotshots receive one of the traits from the following list: Born To Fly, Like My Father, Like Riding A Bike, War Pilot

Level Class Abilities
1 Signature Jet
2 Class ability
3 Class ability
4 Class ability
5 Class ability
6 Class ability
7 Class ability
8 Class ability
9 Class ability
10 Class ability

Class Details

Details pertaining to class.

Class Ability

Sample class ability. Edit this with details on the class.

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