Defending their allies through sacrifice, Martyrs tap into a divine blessing…that of feeling the pain of their allies for them.


Protectors of those around them, the Martyr taps into the intricate web of "The Spark" only to link their lifeforce with that of their allies, taking their pain and damage to their body unto themselves to help their allies fight another day. Life and death are meaningless to the Martyr - to live is to serve, and to die is to have successfully served. One couldn't ask for a better calling in life, nor a better fate.

Class Prerequisites

Drive 4 or higher OR Charm 4 or higher, Intuition 3 or higher, Prophet trait

Class Skills

Martyrs receives the following skills: Sword, Shotgun, or Rifle (Learned), Arcana (Learned), Lore [Your Religion] (Learned), Lore [Any two] (Learned), Ritual (Learned), Symbology (Learned), Athletics (Learned), Hearing (Learned), Sight (Learned), Deception (Learned), Etiquette (Learned), Intimidate (Learned), Persuasion (Learned), and Storytelling (Learned)

Class Traits

Martyrs receive one of the traits from the following list: Hemomancy, Divine Providence, The Grand Scheme, As Above - So Below

Level Class Abilities
1 Martyrdom
2 Battle Meditation
3 Cleansing Prayer
4 Warm Embrace
5 Cleansing Prayer
6 Bestow Life
7 Cleansing Prayer
8 Heaven's Light
9 Cleansing Prayer
10 Bodily Sacrifice

Class Details

Details pertaining to the Martyr.


You excel at taking the wounds that would otherwise be dealt to your allies for yourself, leading to you becoming a beacon of 'self-inflicted' pain as well as a pillar of resilience in the face of adversity. As a Minor Action, you can designate an ally within your line of sight to be the subject of your Martyrdom. Only one ally may be affected by this at one time, and this ability does not affect individuals already under the effect of another Martyr's Martyrdom ability. After doing this, wispy white tendrils surround yourself and the subject of your Martyrdom in an etheric bond.

Any time the subject of your Martyrdom would take damage, you can instead take any amount of that damage to yourself instead, with the amount of damage being taken being up to you. In addition to this, if the ally would be subject to the Pain Status Effect, you can choose to be the subject of this Status Effect in place of them. You can be afflicted by the Status Effect even if you are immune to it, however the damage type done to the ally subjected to your Martyrdom ability isn't able to be resisted by you as it is determined by how it would affect the ally. If the ally is resistant and resists some or all of the damage, that is what you're left absorbing from them (which, if they completely negate the damage, means you needn't absorb any). For example, if you are immune to fire damage but your subject is not, you would still take damage when using this ability for your ally due to the damage type being transformed to untyped damage when you choose to take it for yourself.

This ability lasts for a number of rounds equal to your Drive ability score (minimum of 1), however there is no usage limit for this ability, it need only be reinstated if the duration would pass.

Battle Meditation

Sometimes, one must clear their head in the heat of battle. You've mastered this art, to a terrifying degree. Not only can you stabilize your emotions and thoughts through a brief meditation, but you can cleanse yourself of some ailments. Performing a Battle Meditation is a Major Action, and you cannot take a Movement action on the same turn when using this ability. Kneeling to the ground for a short period of calm before standing once more, you receive a benefit as determined when taking this ability. Each time this ability is gained, you choose a new benefit to occur when using Battle Meditation.

Choices for benefits are as follows;

  • Heal 1d4 Hit Points.
  • Recover 1d4 Sanity.
  • Completely recover from one of the following status effects: Fear, Illness, Pain, Confusion, or Staggered.
  • Receive a +1 bonus to Resilience for 1 round.
  • Receive a +1 bonus to Avoid for 1 round.
  • Receive a +1 bonus to Grit for 1 round.

The subject of your Martyrdom ability benefits from this effect as well.

Cleansing Prayer

Through a quick prayer you can cleanse an ally of an ailment, relieving and curing them. As a Minor Action you can choose an adjacent ally, and that ally recovers from a poison currently afflicting them, or recovers from any of the following status effects affecting them; Fear, Illness, Pain, Blindness, Deafness, Dazed, and Stunned.

Warm Embrace

Strengthening your devotion to your faith and thereby empowering your variation of "The Spark", you are able to save those around you with the warm and gentle embrace of your powers. As a Major Action you can call upon your faith to create a burst centered on yourself with a range of 4 hexes, and all allies within this burst (excluding yourself) recover a number of Hit Points equal to either your Drive, Intuition, or Charm, whichever is the highest.

This ability can be used a number of times per day equal to the average of your Drive, Intuition, and Charm.

Bestow Life

If an ally is suffering, you must help. If they are near death, you better damn well help them before their soul is damned and your work was all for naught. As a Major Action you can help an adjacent ally, manifesting a "holy light" to help close their wounds and help them recover. When this is done, you siphon Hit Points from yourself to heal the ally in your stead. This is done at a one to one ratio.

This can also be used on the subject of your Martyrdom, however doing so is only a Minor Action and the ally only needs to be within your line of sight for it to be able to take effect.

Heaven's Light

Calling upon your faith in an attempt to smite the wicked, you can as a Major Action designate an enemy within 8 hexes of you. Make an attack using your Drive, Intuition, or Charm (whichever is higher) versus the opponent's Resilience. On a successful hit, they are seared by the holy light you call upon them and dealing 6 base damage (with Successes able to be spent to increase the damage by 1 per each Success spent).

Bodily Sacrifice

In your line of work, death is an occupational hazard when applied to you, and a sign of failure if anyone BUT you is slain. And like any good man of the faith, failure is not an option. If an ally under the effect of your Martyrdom would die, you can choose to perish instead in their place. This can only be used if the ally would be unable to benefit from Back from the Brink. If applicable, you can also swap your place with the ally if it would mean they are safer (such as if they would fall into a pit, you can take their place and leave them in a safer spot). If you use this ability, you cannot benefit from Back from the Brink either. Use this power wisely…

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