Those who gaze into the abyss of "The Spark", learn the horrid truth. That after all, "The Spark" gazes right back at them…


Description of the class, short or long. Usually describes the role and whatnot.

Class Prerequisites

"The Spark" trait

Class Skills

Mediums receives the following skills: Sword (Learned), Cooking (Learned), Herbalism (Learned), Arcana (Learned), Lore [Dark Magic and any two] (Learned), Ritual (Learned), Symbology (Learned), Trickery (Learned), Hearing (Learned), Sight (Learned), Deception (Learned), Disguise (Learned), Intimidate (Learned), Persuasion (Learned), and Seduction (Learned)

Class Traits

Mediums receive one of the traits from the following list: Blood of Damnation, Touched by the Abyss, Resist Temptation, Hunted by Demons

Level Class Abilities
1 Mysticism, Fetishes
2 Dark Wellspring
3 Haunting Presence
4 Deceptive Magic
5 Damned
6 Servant of Darkness
7 Consumed
8 Shatterpoint
9 Font of Hedonism
10 The Dark Tide

Class Details

Details pertaining to the Medium.


You have been touched by the darkest of foreign entities, and have garnered access to the powers therein - magic…dark magic. Magic only accessible through your bloodline containing the oft sought after Spark. Choose one of the following spellcasting types; Hexes, Miracles, or Corruption. You receive the spellcasting attribute from this spellcasting type, and receive 1 spell and 3 minor spells from this spellcasting type.


You create a homemade fetish of sorts, a sign of your new devotion to the dark powers which you will soon exercise for yourself. This fetish can be any non-weapon which is handheld and no larger than a tome. Attempting to cast spells without your fetish on your person imposes a +2 to the TN of all spells you attempt to cast in this way.

Your fetish also has an MR pool just like you, however this MR pool is equal to 1 + 1/4 of your Medium level (minimum of 1). You are able to siphon the MR from your fetish by spending a Minor Action, doing so grants you as many points from your items' MR pool as you wish. Unlike regular spellcasters, this implement's MR pool's minimum is 0 and cannot go into the negatives through siphoning MR. Fetishes recharge their MR at a rate of 1 point per 3 hours.

If a fetish is lost or destroyed, you can acquire a new one by spending 1 hour at the beginning of the day attuning a new item to become a fetish for you to use. Weapons and armor cannot become fetishes unless they say otherwise in their description.

Dark Wellspring

Your magic has been tainted, something far out of your own control - regardless of how you feel about it, it's there to stay. You increase your MR by 2, however in addition you must pick one of the seven deadly sins (wrath, sloth, vainglory, lust, greed, envy, or gluttony). You are deeply affected by this sin, and feel compelled to act on it when given the chance.

Effects, skill checks, and other abilities or attacks which target you and would compel you to commit one of the seven deadly sins receives a +1 die bonus. Against your chosen deadly sin, it instead receives a +3 die bonus instead. This is largely up to the GM with what would cause this to trigger, for example in the case of greed a promise of a large reward for something incredibly dangerous would be incredibly tempting to someone greedy, whereas a situation to prove oneself as superior - especially in front of people in power would trigger vainglory. If multiple sins would encompass a situation (such as lust for sleeping with a powerful man's daughter out of wedlock and vainglory for wishing to become her lover and move up in rank, or even greed for the financial benefits such a relationship would bring) do not cause this effect to trigger once. It triggers once and the highest bonus is used.

Haunting Presence

You have a 4 hex aura surrounding you where everyone feels uneasy - both ally and enemy alike. Enemies are the only ones truly affected however, taking a -1 to all Defenses while in this aura. Allies and those neutral to you are compelled to feel uneasy around you however, and may affect their mood or their attitude towards you later.

This ability can be suppressed as a Free Action, and reactivated as a Minor Action. It can remain suppressed as long as you wish to keep it suppressed, however it does not remain active if you would fall unconscious.

Deceptive Magic

You can make Trickery checks to attempt to disguise your spellcasting as something entirely different. This is Trickery versus their Grit, and on a success they receive a -2 to all Defenses against this spell if it targets them, as they believe it to be something different.


A Medium's power and magic always takes its toll on the user's body and soul. Every time you cast a spell you must take 1 point of Sanity damage or 1 point of Hit Point damage. In exchange for this sacrifice however you can grant yourself a single guaranteed success on your spell's casting and the attack roll. If you receive zero successes on the casting of the spell or the attack roll, you do not gain this guaranteed +1 success.

Servant of Darkness

Your dark power increases tenfold, practically oozing off of your body in black and gray wisps of energy. Increase your casting ability score by 1.


So consumed are you by the power you've acquired, you begin to mutate in a similar fashion to the mutating radiation of harmful isotopes. Choose one of the following mutations below, and this cannot be changed later. While your Sanity and Hit Points are less than maximum you receive this mutation and all of its benefits, which grow stronger the weaker and more insane you become.

  • Extra Limb: You receive an extra prehensile limb which is capable of holding items and manipulating items similar to that of your arms. If your hit points are below half, you receive another extra limb.
  • Quickrunner: Increase your land speed by 2 hexes. If your sanity is below half, you increase all speeds you possess by an additional 2.
  • Swimmer: Receive a swim speed (if you didn't have one already) equal to half your land move speed. If you are at half or lower hit points, this is a swim speed equal to your full land speed.
  • Extra Pair of Eyes: Choose one area considered your flank. That area is no longer your flank and is instead counted as your front. If you are at half or lower hit points, both flanks are considered your front. Your back is still your back.


Identifying weakness is key when choosing to try and knock enemies down a peg. As a Major Action you can target an opponent within 8 hexes of you who you can see, and you choose one of their Defenses. That Defense receives a penalty to it against your spells equal to your spellcasting ability score (eg. Faith for Miracles). This penalty lasts a number of rounds equal to half your Medium level (minimum of 1).

Font of Hedonism

Regardless of your own wishes, your magic wants to see you revel - to see you engage in the very acts which so tempt you. Your deadly sin chosen for Dark Wellspring strengthens you further if you engage in it, and whenever you deliberately engage in short term activities which satisfy a craving which would benefit your deadly sin, you receive a +1 die bonus to all spell attack rolls you make for the next hour after having engaged in the action.

Engaging in this hedonistic revelry takes a full minute to perform, and is typically loud and boisterous.

The Dark Tide

The dark magic has taken hold of you, and there's no stopping it now. What was once a simple black and gray wispy aura has transformed, grafting itself to your body in the forms of tattoos and markings which permanently and obviously mark you for what you are. These tattoos cover your whole body, and thus would require a full-body outfit to completely cover.

In place of spending points from your MR you can choose to spend Sanity or Hit Points. If this is done, the spell is cast with a +2 die bonus to both casting and attacking, and if the spell is a damage dealing spell it increases its damage dealt by 4 and changes the spell's damage type to corruption, regardless of what it originally was.

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