Those on the precipice of civilization, relying on "barbaric" means of combat and brutality to survive.


Some regions considered more 'primitive' often house those who eschew modernized warfare in favor of rushing headlong into battle with a good melee weapon and their bloodlust to guide them. These individuals are typically referred to as Savages, however they accrue many different names - barbarians, brutes, madmen, and many more which indicate the backwards fighting style they employ as well as the mental state people think these individuals have. Despite this, Savages can be from anywhere in reality, though typically they are from areas which either choose not to use firearms and other forms of modern combat, as well as those who are simply unaware of said advanced technology, using what they know best instead.

Class Prerequisites


Class Skills

Savages receive the following skills: 2 Combat Skills* (Learned), Lore [Any two] (Learned), Tracking (Learned), Athletics (Learned), Hunting (Learned), Ride (Learned), Sight (Learned), Hearing (Learned), Smell (Learned), Animal Handling (Learned), and Intimidate (Learned)

  • These combat skills must be a melee weapon group; Axe, Cudgel, Polearm, Sword, or Unarmed.

Class Traits

Savages receive one of the traits from the following list: Weaponized Stupidity, One-Track Mind, Brutal Combatant, Under the Black Sun

Level Class Abilities
1 Berserk, Savage Rush
2 Warrior Instinct
3 Thick of It
4 Ragtag Armor
5 Adrenaline
6 No Escape
7 Get Back! Get Back!
8 Burning Hatred
9 Last Mistake
10 Indominable

Class Details

Details pertaining to Savages.


As a Minor Action you can enter a state of heightened aggression, losing focus of all things except combat. You fight to live, and live to fight. It's the cycle which never ends - not until you or your opponent are six feet under. While in Berserk you deal additional melee damage equal to your Savage level (minimum of +1), and you add a +1 die bonus to melee attack rolls. This lasts for a number of rounds per day equal to 3 plus your Vitality.

Savage Rush

Quick on your feet and able to rush into danger at a moment's notice, you can increase your land based speed by an amount equal to 1 + half your Savage level (minimum of 1). Increasing your land speed in this way is a Free Action, however you must be charging at an enemy to do so and thus this extra speed only applies when moving toward or chasing after an enemy.

Warrior Instinct

After a long time of battle, you have garnered a keen instinct on how to evade your enemies' attacks. You receive a +2 bonus to your Avoid. This bonus is lost if you are ever afflicted with Fear, Confusion, Stunned, or Dazed.

Thick of It

Enjoying being in the thick of combat, you like being close to your opponents, even when others are surrounding you. You receive a +2 die bonus to all melee attack rolls while more than 2 opponents are adjacent to you.

Ragtag Armor

While wearing armor (not including Powered Armor) you can once per day ignore damage that would be done to you in exchange for your armor losing 2 points of integrity instead of 1.


For every round of combat you're engaged in, you get into the rhythm of things and become accustomed to riding off of your adrenaline and desire for battle. After a number of rounds equal to 12 minus your Vitality (minimum of 3 rounds) you receive a temporary +1 bonus to two stats of your choosing; Strength, Dexterity, Agility, and Vitality.

No Escape

If an adjacent enemy takes a Movement Action you can spend a Reaction to follow them step-for-step, up to your movement speed. Thus, if an opponent moved 8 hexes away and your movement was 6 hexes, you could follow them for those 6 hexes before being forced to stop.

Get Back! Get Back!

Using wide, arcing swings you can force enemies to stay back from you lest they get horrifically cut. As a Major Action you can use this ability so long as there are more than 2 opponents adjacent to you. These enemies have the choice to move one hex away, or end up giving you a free attack against them with +5 bonus to damage. For every additional enemy beyond the first which you make an attack roll against, increase the TN of the roll by 1.

Burning Hatred

Those who have harmed you and your allies earn your ire, something which festers and burns in your soul without stopping. Against enemies who have dealt damage to you within the past hour you receive a +1 die bonus to attack rolls and you decrease the amount of successes necessary to critically hit by 1 (minimum of 2).

Last Mistake

If an ally within your line of sight is brought below 0 Hit Points by an enemy or is slain, you can let the grief, hatred, and remorse overcome you. This state lasts for 1 minute, and while in this state you are immune to Fear, Pain, Confusion, Stunned, and Sleep effects as well as being unable to be reduced below 0 Hit Points until the end of the duration (though extreme circumstances may ignore this, such as a direct hit from a tank's cannon, or a hit from a rocket launcher). After the duration is over, you immediately fall unconscious for 1 hour, even if you weren't injured. If you were brought to 0 Hit Points and end up falling unconscious by the end of the duration, you do not start bleeding out (however you are still very vulnerable).


Your rage is all-consuming, and pushes you to new lengths. It will not be stopped. Once per day you can choose to enter an Indominable Berserk State, choosing an enemy in your line of sight. You designate that enemy as your foe, and until either you or that enemy are slain you continue to be in your Berserk state, regardless of the duration. In addition, for every 3 rounds you're in this state you increase your bonus damage by 2 (to a maximum of increasing your bonus damage by another 10 for a total of +20 damage), however this bonus damage only applies against your designated foe.

After the foe is slain, this state immediately ends and it leaves you Moderate Stunned for 1 round for every 2 rounds you were in that state (minimum of 1 round).

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