Fist fighters, disciplined or not, who use their tenacity and penchant for brawling to take their foes down quickly and quietly.


Scrappers come in all shapes and sizes, from the large and brawny men who like to use their superior strength to overpower their foes, to the scrawny and scrappy streetfighters who use quick and precise movements to deal enough damage at the right time to maximize their chances of success. In addition to this, some Scrappers learn on their own through trial and error while others are more formally trained through a tutor, family member, or through a military program.

Though most militaries see unarmed combat as ultimately inferior to the effectiveness of a firearm, a gun isn't always readily available, and sometimes it can be knocked from your hand. Knowing how to handle yourself without your gun is just as important as knowing how to shoot to some of the more disciplined militaries, and thus some excel in a mixture of unarmed combat and gunplay, making for a truly deadly combination.

Class Prerequisites


Class Skills

Scrappers receives the following skills: Unarmed (Learned), one Combat skill (Learned), Lore [Martial Arts plus any one] (Learned), Acrobatics (Learned), Athletics (Learned), Contortion (Learned), Sneaking (Learned), Trickery (Learned), Sight (Learned), Hearing (Learned), Touch (Learned), and Deception (Learned) or Intimidate (Learned)

Class Traits

Scrappers receive one of the traits from the following list: Way of the Lotus, Punishing Fist, Street Style, Close Quarters

Level Class Abilities
1 Weaponized Body
2 Unarmored Combatant
3 Mastered Technique
4 Adrenaline
5 Sidestep
6 Mastered Technique
7 Equilibrium
8 Tenacious Ferocity
9 Mastered Technique
10 Brawler

Class Details

Details pertaining to Scrappers.

Weaponized Body

Becoming more and more skilled in the usage of one's own body as if it were a weapon to be wielded has afforded you a stronger and more well-trained technique which allows your unarmed strikes to be more effective. You increase the base damage of your Unarmed by 2 and reduce the amount of successes needed to critically hit by 1, putting your Unarmed at 3 base damage, and 3 successes needed to critically hit.

Unarmored Combatant

Like most in this day and age, you've eschewed armor for mobility. Unlike others however, this isn't due to old armor's ineffectiveness against firearms, but instead due to the restrictiveness of it when you're much better off dodging and weaving away from attacks. You receive a +1 bonus to Avoid.

Mastered Technique

You have mastered a unique technique to be used with your unarmed strikes which allow for them to mimic the effects of certain other weapons. This is achieved through clever striking of pressure points, utilizing improvised techniques to mimic the effects, and other creative ways to 'spice' your attacks up. By spending two Minor Actions you can change your unarmed attacks to take on the property you select. If you already have one of these properties active, you can switch to another one with a single Minor Action. You cannot have more than one of your techniques active at one time.

At 3rd level and every 3 levels thereafter you receive new technique which is chosen from the following list. These are weapon special qualities you can apply to your unarmed strikes with the use of this ability. Agile, Fatiguing, Disarming, Conduit, Effortless, Savage, Choking, or Pushing.


In a fight you've come to master the adrenaline running through your veins, maximizing its effectiveness in helping you when stress or pain may get in the way. If you are at half your total Hit Points or lower, you receive a +4 bonus to Resilience and Grit versus effects which inflict Pain, Illness, Fear, Confusion, and Sleep.


A simple yet difficult to master technique, that of dodging to the side of attacks in rapid succession in order to further reduce accuracy and befuddle the foe. After an attack roll misses you, you can spend your Reaction and gain a +1 bonus to Avoid which lasts until the beginning of your next turn. This bonus increases by 1 for every additional missed attack before the bonus disappears.


Having achieved harmony and balance within, your will is a pillar of stone - unbending and unmoving. Against effects which deal sanity damage, you reduce the sanity damage by 1. In addition, once per day you can choose to recover an amount of sanity equal to your Drive or Intuition (whichever is higher). If there is no sanity damage, you can instead use this ability once per week in order to cure a sanity effect (including a Sanity Break) currently affecting you.

Tenacious Ferocity

Even through your injuries you press on, proceeding in ways which astonish others. This lack of regard for your safety is sometimes regarded as blind bravery, while others view it as a staunch dedication to completing your mission. Whatever it may be, it's undeniable you stay in the fight much longer. Any time you would be knocked unconscious due to damage (be it from an opponent, or from an environmental effect), you can remain conscious at the cost of increasing all checks by +1 TN and increasing by 1 for every 5 points under 0 HP you are at.


You have become attuned to fighting unarmed through life and death situations, and have garnered the experience you needed to become an effective martial artist. Increase your unarmed base damage by 1, and you are able to add up to two Mastered Techniques to your unarmed strikes as opposed to the normal one. This does not take extra time, and when changing your techniques you can change one or both techniques at once.

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