Black markets, gangs, crime, drugs, sex, and rock 'n roll. It all calls to you like a moth attracted to a flame.


Scrappy warriors, vigilantes, and criminal elements find themselves following the path of a scum, relying heavily on their ability to go unnoticed and their ability to attack opponents where they're weak, prioritizing precise hits over massive ones. Every civilization has scum of some sort or another, typically finding their way in the undeveloped and poor regions compared to those more well off.

Class Prerequisites


Class Skills

Scum receives the following skills: Pistol (Learned), Rifle (Learned), Shotgun (Learned), Appraise (Learned), Gambling (Learned), Lore [Choose any two] (Learned), Acrobatics (Learned), Lockpicking (Learned), Sneaking (Learned), Trickery (Learned), Hearing (Learned), Sight (Learned), Deception (Learned), Haggling (Learned), Intimidate (Learned), and Persuasion (Learned)

Class Traits

Scum receive one of the traits from the following list: Rebel, Contract Killer, Guerilla, Thief

Level Class Abilities
1 Fighting Dirty
2 Exploit Weakness
3 Trap Spotter
4 Bear Down On
5 Deadly Grace
6 Go Unnoticed
7 Fluid Movement
8 Duck For Cover
9 Exploitation Artist
10 Shadow Striker

Class Details

Details pertaining to Scum.

Fighting Dirty

When fighting against an opponent if you make an attack against their Flank or Back, you deal 2 additional damage. Additional successes can be spent on adding to this bonus damage, with every 2 successes spent adding 1 bonus damage when hitting their Flank or Back.

Exploit Weakness

Against opponents who are afflicted with a status effect you receive a +1 die bonus to-hit, with each different status effect adding an additional 1. You can only receive a number of bonus dice equal to your Dexterity or Agility (whichever is higher), and the opponent must be afflicted with Moderate or higher, Trivial status effects add no bonus.

Trap Spotter

You receive a +1 die bonus to all Sense checks against traps (such as landmines or tripwire). Once per day you can negate the effects of a trap which would affect you, but doing so knocks you prone and expends your Reaction.

Bear Down On

Against enemies who are prone, you treat their Front as their Flank for the purpose of Fighting Dirty and other effects which rely on hitting the Flanks.

Deadly Grace

When you would receive bonus damage from Fighting Dirty you can choose to forgo the bonus damage in favor of inflicting the Pain status effect at Trivial rank. Successes can be spent to increase the severity, with every 3 successes spent increasing the severity by 1 step.

Go Unnoticed

If you've made a successful attack roll while Sneaking or otherwise not having been seen, you can roll a Sneaking check against the opponent opposed against their Sight or Hearing where applicable. On a successful roll, you remain undetected (although they now know they've been attacked by someone, somewhere…)

Fluid Movement

Your base land speed is increased by 2 hexes.

In addition to this, you can attempt to negate the effects of difficult terrain during your movement. First determine where you'd want to go as if you were unhindered by difficult terrain. Roll an Agility check with the TN being the amount of hexes you move through that are considered difficult terrain. For example, if 2 hexes of the 6 in your movement are difficult terrain, this is a TN 2 Agility check. But, if all of them were, it would be a TN 6 Agility check. If you fail this check, you stop on the first hex considered difficult terrain and do not finish your movement.

Duck For Cover

If you are about to be hit by a ranged attack roll (even if you'd be unaware of it) you can expend your Reaction to throw yourself prone and negate the ranged attack against you. This can only be used once per day.

Exploitation Artist

Choose a single status effect. When attacking an enemy afflicted with this status effect, you are considered gaining your Fighting Dirty bonus regardless of if you're attacking their Front, Flank, or Back. For each level of severity the status effect is, you increase the bonus damage by 2. Thus, Trivial is a +2 bonus damage, Moderate is a +4 bonus damage, and finally Severe is a +6 bonus damage.

Shadow Striker

Any time you'd attack someone while unnoticed or making an attack against their Back, you reduce the amount of successes needed to be spent to create a Critical Hit against an opponent by 1 (minimum of 1).

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