Foot soldiers contracted to fight in the front lines, slinging a rifle and ready to die for their country.


Soldiers fight both in front and back lines of combat - the battlefield is where they belong and whether they're up close with melee weaponry taking down a foe or using a gun to blast down some bandits, the soldier never backs down from a fight. Especially in the wake of orders being given from a commander.

As a class, the Soldier can serve as both a front-line fighter or a back-line fighter, laying down suppressive fire or covering fire just as well as they can take to sniping or laying waste with a shotgun. And this isn't including their potential as a potential sword user, though those willing to engage in melee combat are few and usually reserved for the most skilled individuals.

Class Prerequisites


Class Skills

Soldiers receives the following skills: Pistol (Learned), Rifle (Learned), two Combat skills (Learned), Athletics (Learned), Sight (Learned), and Etiquette (Learned)

Class Traits

Soldiers receive one of the traits from the following list: Veteran, AWOL, Traitor, and State Loyalty.

Level Class Abilities
1 Weapon Training
2 Squad Tactics
3 Into the Fray
4 Standardized Loadout
5 Cover Fighter
6 Spray 'n Pray
7 Unbending Spirit
8 Seen it All
9 Weapon Specialist
10 Seasoned Veteran

Class Details

Details pertaining to the soldier.

Weapon Training

Soldiers learn from early on the importance of weapon maintenance, taking care of the tools of their trade as well as knowing how to effectively use them. Choose one group of weapons, either Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, or Heavy Weapons. While wielding weapons from this weapon group, they receive a +1 die bonus to attack rolls.

In addition, once per day they are able to repair a weapon of this type after 10 minutes of cleaning and maintenance, restoring 1d6 points of integrity to the weapon. This does not work on weapons which have already reached 0 integrity.

Squad Tactics

Trained to fight in groups and squads, soldiers excel in taking orders as well as working as a team. While at least two other allies are within 4 hexes of you in combat, you and your allies receive a +1 bonus to Grit. Bonuses from multiple characters with Squad Tactics do not stack.

Into the Fray

Quick to enter the thick of combat, soldiers receive a bonus to initiative rolls equal to half of their Soldier level (rounded down). This bonus only applies to the first initiative roll, and doesn't apply if the soldier chooses to make a Refooting attempt.

Standardized Loadout

Being expected to carry the necessary equipment on the battlefield often, the soldier has become accustomed to utilizing one of the tools of their trade effectively. Choose one of the following benefits below, once chosen this cannot be changed later.

When one gun runs dry, another can often be used in its place in the heat of battle. If the weapon you're currently using runs out of ammunition while in combat, you can spend a Minor Action to stow the weapon and pull a secondary weapon out. Normally it would take a Minor Action to stow the weapon, and a Major Action to unholster/unsheath a new weapon.

Being accustomed to wearing armor on the battlefield, you understand how best to utilize it to maximize its effectiveness. While wearing any piece of Personal Armor, you increase any reduction to damage by 2.

You're capable of coming up with a necessary tool or piece of equipment at a moment's notice, saving yourself from being stuck in a situation without what you need. When in a situation where you would attempt to retrieve something from having been stored away (such as grabbing a flashlight or rope from a bag), you can once per day choose to have that item on-hand. This item lasts for 12 hours. Items made with this ability are able to generate an item worth 10 Serpents per level of Soldier you have (maximum of 100 Serpents).

Cover Fighter

Popping in and out of cover before unleashing a spray of lead is a common tactic among professional soldiers, utilizing mobility and running from cover to cover to ensure they aren't hit. Bonuses to Avoid granted by Partial Cover and Cover are increased by +2. In addition to this, if you move and you both begin and end your turn in a location granting you cover, you are counted as having Partial Cover for the entirety of the movement against any potential reactionary attacks.

Spray 'n Pray

Sometimes you can't just aim and hit a target precisely, but instead need to rely on a barrage of bullets, either hitting the target with at least one of them or otherwise pushing them to take cover so as to not be shredded. When making an attack with an Automatic weapon you can choose to create a 2 hex burst around your target of gunfire. You make an attack against the target, and everyone within the burst radius, rolling an attack against each person caught in it. On a successful hit against the initial target, they take full damage, and on a miss they take only half of the damage they would have normally taken. Those caught within the burst take a quarter damage on a successful hit, or no damage on a miss.

In addition, those who are hit by this attack suffer a -1 to Avoid until the end of their next turn.

Unbending Spirit

A combination of your years of vigorous training and numerous battles engaged in has earned you an unshakable will, forged by the hardships you've experienced. You receive a +1 bonus to Grit versus the Fear, Pain, Confusion, Flat-Footed, and Stunned status effects. Once per day you can forgo this bonus in order to completely negate any of those status effects currently affecting you, so long as they aren't permanent.

Seen it All

Many men would have caved after seeing some of what you have. Hell, you're surprised you haven't. But through your determination, you've pushed through, and things most are squeamish towards barely even elicits a response from you. You increase your Sanity by an amount equal to half your Soldier level, and are immune to Minor Sanity effects.

Weapon Specialist

Though there's always more to learn, you've reached a level of skill with your weapon beyond the standardized training and regimented learning required. No, you've become more attuned to using it, as if it were an extension of yourself. Choose one weapon group, and one weapon within that weapon group. With all weapons from the chosen weapon group, increase their damage by 1. With the specific weapon from the weapon group, it instead increases damage by 2 and reduces successes needed to critically hit by 1. Once chosen, these cannot be changed later.

Seasoned Veteran

War never changes, and its effects on man is ever clear. You've been a cog in the machine, a tool for war and have become damned good at it. Now? Now you've attained a rank of one who isn't a mere foot soldier, but instead a brave and honored veteran whose experience should be looked to by recruits if they wish to be effective soldiers. All allies able to see and hear you receive a +1 bonus to Avoid and Grit (stacking with Squad Tactics). As a Major Action you can give orders to your allies, showing them where the weak points of the enemy are and what maneuvers they should take for maximum effect. Allies following these orders receive a +1 die bonus to their attack rolls and deal an additional 1 damage until the beginning of your next turn.

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