In a typical game, you will fight enemies. These enemies are controlled by the GM, and this page and its various sections and subsections are meant to help in a GM's creation of enemies, as well as providing a creation method for monsters and other formidable foes, alongside rules for creating Grunts - easy to make enemy types which function similarly to players with classes while also being much more streamlined and slimmed down.

Enemy Template

Short description of enemy. Including who they are and why they may be encountered and fought.

HP: 0; Sanity: 0
STR: 0, DEX: 0, AGI: 0, VIT: 0
INT: 0, DRI: 0, INU: 0, CHA: 0

Avoid: 0
Resilience: 0
Grit: 0

Move: 6 hex
Reach: 1 hex

Attack Name 6D, 5 Ballistic, Crit 4, 12 hex range, special quality

Skills: Skill one (6D), skill two (4D)
Traits: Trait one, trait two

Weapons: Weapon names and ammo if any
Armor: Armor and/or power armor worn
Equipment: Miscellaneous gear.

Special Abilities

Special Ability One
Ability description.

Special Ability Two
Ability description.

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