Grunts are easy to find, minimally to moderately trained fighters who are willing to go to battle. They are often deadly in groups as opposed to alone. Typically, grunts are part of a platoon or some form of organized group, relying on their team.


Early recruits into an army, conscripts typically don't see combat immediately unless manpower is incredibly lacking.

HP: 17; Sanity: 9
STR: 4, DEX: 6, AGI: 5, VIT: 5
INT: 4, DRI: 4, INU: 5, CHA: 3

Avoid: 2
Resilience: 2
Grit: 2

Move: 6 hex
Reach: 1 hex

Battle Rifle 6D, 6 Ballistic, Crit 4, 12 hex range, Firing Rate (SA, B)

Skills: Rifles (6D), Pistols (4D), Aiming (4D)
Traits: N/A

Weapons: Battle Rifle (4 clips of 30 ammo)
Armor: Battle Helmet and Ballistic Vest (Integrity 4)
Equipment: Standard military gear (binoculars, flashlight, rope), military fatigues, and combat boots.

Special Abilities

Platoon Fighter
While within 6 hexes of an ally who is part of their platoon, they gain a +1D bonus to attack rolls, and a +1 bonus to Avoid.

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