Currency, gear, and vehicles, and everything in-between.


Various forms of currency are used, with a mixture of minted currency alongside bartering and trading. Different countries have different forms of currency with varying metallic purity among other factors. Often, coins must be exchanged at the local Currency Exchange Center to be able to engage in commerce when travelling.

Inflation: Different cities and locations may have inflation causing goods and services to be more difficult to purchase, depending on their current economic situation. In order to represent inflation, increase the Serpents cost of all goods by a certain percentage while within the country which uses their variation of the currency. Inflation is measured in 5% increments (minimum of +5% to an items price).

Scarcity and Abundance: In order to represent a scarcity or abundance of different of some form of goods, you modify the price. This is typically used as a gauge for the price per unit of fuel a nation may have.

Abundant: Decrease items price by dividing it by 5.
Normal: No change to item price.
Scarcity: Increase items price by multiplying it by 10.
Crisis: Increase items price by multiplying it by 20.


Serpents (singular Serpent) are chromium minted coins which are wide spread from the previous human regimes which ruled over the lands, named as such for the symbol on the tails end of the coin of a snake coiled in a circle devouring its own tail. Some other valuable metals (such as iridium, palladium, and osmium) are used in forging Serpents, representing larger denominations of coin, and are often used to make carrying coins easier.

In circulation is a couple batches of uranium coins, minted by people unaware of the radioactive properties of the element. These coins are still in circulation but are rare - even compared to the other higher denominations of coins - and often people unaware they are still legal tender in some areas believe they may be counterfeit coins.


A common source of bartering, fuel is used by a vast majority and is a hot commodity that is used in many different applications. Fuels are measured in how many Serpents per gallon. Many items use fuel, burning it in order to function. It serves as ammunition for some items similar to bullets are to firearms, and is abundant that it is frequently used to power massive vehicles, power armor, and some weaponry.

Fuel is purchased in units or "usages", representing enough to power an item. Some items take more units of fuel per usage to fuel them, however a majority only use 1 fuel per period of time.


In more uncivilized and more lawless areas of society, bullets are another guaranteed form of bartering currency for those willing to trade. Many individuals needing to defend themselves accept bullets, and even those who don't or can't use guns may take bullets so they may trade them to others later.

Bullet prices are determined by what kind of bullet is being sold, as this also doubles as what ammunition for weapons that take this ammo costs.

  • Pistol Round (10 box): 5 Serpents
  • Pistol Round (30 box): 15 Serpents
  • Rifle Round (35 box): 15 Serpents
  • Rifle Rounds (75 box): 30 Serpents
  • Shotgun Shells (8 individual): 10 Serpents
  • Shotgun Slugs (4 individual): 10 Serpents
  • Shotgun Shells (24 box): 30 Serpents
  • Shotgun Slugs (12 box): 30 Serpents
  • Specialty Ammunition (4 individual): 40 Serpents

Spent bullet casings are worth 0.25 Serpents each.


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