Land Vehicles

The following are land vehicles, their prices, stats, and so on.

Default Stats

Cost: Cost in Serpents.
Crew: How many people are needed to pilot this vehicle.
Cargo: How much cargo the vehicle can fit (in pounds).
Passengers: How many people can ride as a passenger (if any).
Size: Size of the vehicle (in hexes).
Weight: Vehicle's weight (in pounds).
Speed: Movement speed (in hexes).
Engine: What kind of engine the vehicle uses. This typically determines what type of fuel is taken (typically diesel or nuclear for really experimental ships).
Fuel: How much fuel the vehicle can hold, and in parenthesis how much is spent per hour the vehicle is in use. Ex. 10 (1/hour).
Armor: A vehicle's "Hit Points", when a vehicle is dropped to 0 Armor it is disabled. At negative Armor equal to its total, it's destroyed. (Ex. 100 total Armor, 0 disabled, -100 destroyed).
Weapon(s): If the vehicle includes weapons, what these weapons stats are. These stats are similar to weapons on the weapons page. All vehicle weapons use the Heavy Weapons weapon proficiency unless otherwise specified.


Motorcycles are two-wheeled bikes powered by an engine, and are commonly used out in the wastelands and by bandits.

Z-Vex Motorcycle

A creation of the DawnStar company, the Z-Vex is lightweight and fast, but has a limited fuel capacity. In order to maintain its lightweight design, it also lacks any form of weaponry and has limited cargo space.

Cost: 2,500 Serpents
Crew: 1 (driver)
Cargo: 45 lbs.
Passengers: 1 (sitting behind driver, on the same seat)
Size: 1 hex
Weight: 200 lbs.
Speed: 12 hexes
Engine: Combustion Engine (Diesel)
Fuel: 5 (1/hour)
Armor: 40
Weapon(s): N/A

Ripper Warbike

Warbikes are military creations which include thicker armor and mounted light machineguns, however they lack the speed a real military model motorcycle could offer, being mostly on-par with civilian motorcycles.

Cost: 11,000 Serpents
Crew: 1 (driver)
Cargo: 150 lbs.
Passengers: 1 (sitting behind driver, on the same seat)
Size: 1 hex
Weight: 450 lbs.
Speed: 12 hexes
Engine: Combustion Engine (Diesel)
Fuel: 8 (1/hour)
Armor: 80
Weapon(s): Twin-Linked 9mm Submachine Guns; deal 6 points of ballistic damage, require 4 successes to be spent to critically hit, 22 integrity, Firing Mode (A), range of 10 hexes, and an ammo capacity of 200.

Cars, Jeeps, and Trucks

Four-wheeled vehicles meant to update old, slow automotive design. And with them came many different iterations. These are also a mixture of civilian and military cars.


One of the first of their kind, the Beep-Jeep is a compact little civilian car with an incredibly light yet boxy design. It's charm comes both from the commercial advertising the Beep-Jeep with catchy jingles to go along with it, alongside the many color and pattern variations made to suit customer tastes.

Cost: 3,000 Serpents
Crew: 1 (driver)
Cargo: 300 lbs.
Passengers: 4
Size: 2 hex
Weight: 1,020 lbs.
Speed: 12 hexes
Engine: Combustion Engine (Diesel)
Fuel: 10 (1/hour)
Armor: 45
Weapon(s): N/A

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