Weapon Accessories

The following are simple accessories which can be attached to or added onto a weapon. These accessories are mostly exclusive to firearms, including such things as scopes, suppressors, and underbarrel attachments.


Scopes are purchased in a variety of types, each with different magnifications which allow aiming from a further distance. Most firearms come pre-equipped with "iron sights" which are normally good enough for short to medium range, however for longer range encounters a scope is preferred. Scopes grant a weapon the Sniping special property, if they don't have it already. If the weapon already has this property, the scope instead replaces the weapon's original value.

Type I

A Type I Scope has the Sniping (1.5) quality, and costs 100 Serpents.

Type II

A Type II Scope has the Sniping (2) quality, and costs 400 Serpents.

Type III

A Type III Scope has the Sniping (3) quality, and costs 800 Serpents.

Type IV

A Type IV Scope has the Sniping (4) quality, and costs 1,500 Serpents.


Light sources are especially important in dark environments, and though they may reveal your position in a dark place it's also important in allowing you to see who you're shooting at.

Standard Flashlight

A regular flashlight that's attached (through rudimentary or professional means) to the firearm, and costs 90 Serpents. This flashlight illuminates a 6 hex cone where you aim it (typically facing your front).


Uncommon on the battlefield but not unheard of, suppressors allow for a more stealthy approach and are favored by covert operatives and by some soldiers who must sneak past the front lines without being seen (such as snipers). Mercenaries sometimes also rely on suppressors during jobs in urban environments to reduce mass panic. Suppressors cannot be applied to Heavy Weapons. It is a Minor Action to attach or detach a suppressor.

Standard Suppressor

One of the basic suppressors most individuals use and purchase, these cost 200 Serpents. These suppressors cannot be used with shotguns or revolvers. A standard suppressor is good enough at its job of catching the gasses expelled upon firing, requiring a Hearing check in order to notice the sound at TN 5 to be made for pistols and TN 3 for rifles. On a failed Hearing check for pistols the sound goes unnoticed whereas with rifles the sound is heard but the location of the sound is indiscernible.

Advanced Suppressor

A higher quality model of suppressor made using better material and higher quality design overall, these suppressors cost 800 Serpents. Advanced suppressors are similar to the standard form save that they can be used with shotguns and revolvers, and have the following Hearing TNs; pistols TN 8, rifles TN 6, shotguns TN 3. Pistols and rifles go unnoticed on a failed check, whereas shotguns are heard but the location of the sound is indiscernible.

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