These are excerpts, short stories, and different written pieces meant to further expand upon the setting. These are written as short stories, and are present as both a means to set the scene for certain states within the setting, and as such may be helpful to read for those wishing to better represent the setting and the themes which the setting is based on. They are by no means required reading.

Tales from the Holy Exalted Kingdom of Light

Many stories emerge from the HEKoL, most are difficult to verify due to the secrecy of the nation and their tendency to propagandize anything and everything they want seen. These stories however are unmistakable with the front of thinly veiled propaganda other nations see come from the Kingdom, as any story the Kingdom wanted to get out would likely be scrubbed of any of the nastier details. Still, it is difficult to tell if the stories which are told are tall tales concocted by a clever fiction writer, or the last surviving accounts of various people within their borders.

Jack's Medical Story

Jack was a loyal citizen. Never

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