Characters have skills, these skills are ways for these characters to interact with the world around them, and through constant training humans become more attuned to their skills, representing their mastery of said skills.

Skill Categories

Skill Training

Skills have different levels of training, each making the character more proficient in their skill of choice.

Training ranks in skills go as follows;

  • Untrained: Use half your ability score(s) for the skill.
  • Learned: Use your full ability score for the skill.
  • Practiced: Gain a +1 bonus die to your skill.
  • Adept: Gain a +2 bonus dice to your skill.
  • Experienced: Gain a +3 bonus dice to your skill.
  • Expert: Gain a +4 bonus dice to your skill.
  • Mastered: Gain a +6 bonus dice to your skill, and 1 results no longer result in removing successes.
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