Craft skills such as ones relating to one's profession. In the case of crafts or professions not covered, use Trade.


Although factories and machines have optimized and streamlined some of the work going into blacksmithing, the art is not completely lost nor forgotten. Some use it to create weapons, others use it to create household amenities like forks and knives. Consult the chart below for an example of items you can create. Blacksmithing uses Strength as its ability score.

Target Number Results
1 Rings, bracelets, rods
2 Spoon, fork, knife
3 Door hinges
4 Simple metal parts (weapon or item parts)
5 Light or medium metallic armor
6 Gun parts, metal weaponry
7 Complex metal parts (weapon or item parts)
8 Heavy metallic armor, metal statues, metallic vehicle parts

Repairs can also be made to metallic items with Blacksmithing. This is a check made against a TN 1, and for every success spent you repair 1 integrity to the item being repaired.


Shaving, whittling, cutting, and putting together wooden creations, carpentry is one of the oldest crafts around up there with cooking, skinning, and tanning. Often those who take up carpentry also pick up other woodsman skills, and may even acquire their own wood. Carpentry uses Dexterity as its ability score.

Target Number Results
1 Sharpened stick, wooden cutlery
2 Wooden tools and implements
3 Wooden weaponry (clubs, quarterstaffs), simple furniture
4 Walls, floorboards, ceilings
5 Complex furniture
6 Small shack
7 Vehicle (wagon, carriage), small building (small home)
8 Large vehicle (cart), moderate building (house)

Repairs can also be made to wooden items with Carpentry. This is a check made against a TN 1, and for every success spent you repair 1 integrity to the item being repaired.


A more modern craft, chemistry involves the study, understanding, and synthesis of chemicals. This often leads to chemical compounds being created, being useful in practical or sometimes harmful ways. Chemistry uses Intellect as its ability score.

Target Number Results
3 Create simple chemicals (mixing two reagents/compounds)
4 Create simple pharmaceuticals (drugs or medicines)
5 Create chemicals (mixing more than two reagents/compounds)
6 Modify chemical's delivery method (poison becomes inhaled instead of injury, for example)
7 Create complex chemicals (creating compounds needing many precise amounts of other chemicals)
8 Create a deadly drug or poison from scratch

Unless utilizing a chemical lab, only TN 4 or lower checks can be made using Chemistry.


Many people can cook, though whether or not the food they make is good is another matter entirely. Cooking uses Intellect as its ability score.

Target Number Results
1 Incredibly simple meals (overcooked meat over a campfire)
2 Simple meals (noodles in water, cooked meat)
3 Decent meals (cooked eggs, baked goods)
4 Amazing/complex meals (a course of breakfast)


Crafting remedies and various other herbal tinctures, as well as being able to cultivate these herbal strains. Herbalism uses Intellect as its ability score.

Create Drug / Tincture

Creating a substance from a plant isn't necessarily difficult so long as the tools to do so are readily available.

Target Number Results
1 Really simple remedy (ex. minor stinging pain remedy)
2 Create recreational plant-based drug (ex. creating Ayahuasca tea)
4 Create a remedy for a common problem (ex. back pain remedy)

Cultivate Plant

Cultivating plants for later usage in drugs, food, and so on. Cultivation of plants depends on the complexity of the cultivation procedure.

Target Number Results
1 Simple plant (water plant and forget it)
2 Normal plant (water plant and ensure soil is good quality)
3 Intermediate plant care
5 Complicated plant (plant will die if specific steps aren't taken)


Mechanical engineering dealing with vehicles such as cars, tanks, and other machinery. Mechanics uses Intellect as its ability score.


Used when attempting to repair some machinery or repair internals to a vehicle or other mechanical device. This is determined by the complexity of the item being repaired, with simpler items and vehicles being easier to repair.

Target Number Results
2 Simple machinery (ex. a couple wires)
4 Typical machinery / simple vehicle
6 Complicated machinery / typical vehicle
8 Complicated vehicle


Sculpting clay, statues, and other forms of sculpting. Sculpting uses Dexterity as its ability score.


Skinning animals and preparing their skin so that they may be used in tanning. Skinning uses Dexterity as its ability score.


Study and usage of toxic substances, particularly venoms and poisons which harm the body. This is usually similar to the application of Herbalism and Chemistry. Toxicology uses Intellect as its ability score.


With skills more related to being used as part of a profession than covering other uses, Trade is important. Choose one category of craft or profession such as Trade (Sailor) or Trade (Masonry), and with the skill you can create items related to that craft or take actions related to that profession. If a craft (such as Masonry) is taken, use skills like Blacksmithing or Carpentry for similar TNs. Trade uses Intellect as its ability score.

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