Knowledge skills involve intense thought, study, and practice and more often than not are used for discerning one thing from another as opposed to taking a particular action.


Deeper understanding of the forms of magic, how it flows, and how to identify them at a moment's notice. Arcana is almost always studied by those who utilize magic first and foremost, with curious or cautious individuals sometimes picking up this knowledge to identify what a magic user is doing. Recognizing someone is casting a spell usually isn't a problem, but instead the process of understanding what their spell is about to do is the mysterious and shrouded bit. Arcana uses Intellect as its ability score.

Identifying Spells

Identifying a spell as its being cast. The TN for this check is (X).

Identifying Magic Items

Identifying the properties of a magical item, or item with some form of magic infused in it. The TN for this check is (X).


Figuring out the value of items and objects from a glance, being able to ascertain prices quickly for various goods is a useful skill - especially when bartering or trading. It normally takes a minute or two to accurately make a guestimate like this. Appraise uses Intellect as its ability score.

Determine Value

Determining value of items, reaching an understanding of the general price and buying power of the item.

Target Number Result
1 Simple/inexpensive item price.
2 Common item price.
3 Uncommon item price.
4 Rare item price.
5 Unique item price.


Gambling is typically a check made against another person's Gambling check, meaning as opposed to a true TN the dice roll is opposed. TNs may occur however in a case of the gambler facing the house. Gambling uses Intuition as its ability score.


Lore is a versatile skill, covering many different kinds of knowledge. Unlike other skills, Lore is always broken up into different categories. Lore uses Intellect as its ability score.

Target Number Result
1 Everyman knowledge.
2 Common knowledge.
3 Uncommon knowledge.
4 Scarce knowledge
5 Rare knowledge.
6 Unique knowledge.
8 Forgotten/long lost knowledge.


Unlike other fields of study the field of medicine is both vast and ever-evolving, with knowledge of anatomy and medical care being improved day by day. Medicine uses Intellect as its ability score.

Treat Illness

Treating (and identification of) illnesses is a common usage of medicine, and the treatment usually requiring the usage of certain pharmaceuticals, herbal remedies, and even just taking measures to staunch symptoms from getting worse.

Target Number Result
2 Identify and/or treat minor illness
4 Identify and/or treat common illness
5 Identify uncommon illness
6 Treat uncommon illness
7 Identify rare illness
8 Treat rare illness

First Aid

Treating injuries one has sustained through simple tools and practices, this may not be able to be done for major surgeries however.

Target Number Result
1 Identify and treat minor injuries and bruises
2 Identify and treat common injuries
4 Identify and treat moderate injuries
6 Identify and treat serious injuries
8 Identify and treat critical injuries


Researching subjects is typically done through scouring pages of books, looking through newspapers, and various other forms of studying. Research uses Intellect as its ability score.


Magical rituals which are performed, creating spell-like effects which are powerful yet require lengthy ritual processes. Ritual uses Intellect as its ability score.


Recognizing and understanding symbols, as well as applying their usage in certain scenarios such as in wordplay or cryptography. Symbology uses Intellect as its ability score.


Being able to track someone's steps based on their trail. Weather conditions usually modify this, with attempting to do so during weather effects being difficult, however prints after weather (such as after it has just rained) make it easier. Tracking uses Intuition as its ability score.

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