Skills used when socializing, trying to talk to individuals, and the likes.

Animal Handling

Often used for attempts at domestication, placation, teaching tricks, and otherwise dealing with animal behavior and animal interactions. Animal Handling uses Charm as its ability score.


Comedy is largely subjective, however the skill of Comedy is typically used to see how well-structured your joke is and how the audience may receive it. Comedy uses Charm as its ability score.


Using trickery, subterfuge, and outright lies against a subject. Deception uses Charm as its ability score.

Convey Secret Message

Through subtle trickery you can attempt to convey a secret message through various gestures and/or mouthed words. This is of course done to avoid others deciphering the message.

Target Numbers for these checks is a TN 2 for simple messages and TN 4 for complex messages. TN increases by 2 if you don't share a common language with the subject. Subjects making a successful Sight or Hearing versus the result of the Deception check as the TN can decipher the hidden message.

Feign Harmlessness

In an attempt to show you pose no threat to another, you can use sly words and gestures to show you have no weapons or are too frail/demure to pose any real threat. This is made against the Grit of the target. And on a successful Deception check versus their Grit, the subject believes you pose no threat.

Feign Injury

By feigning injury you can act as if a subject actually managed to damage you when they haven't - or that the injury is much harsher than it really is. As a Deception against the target's Grit, and on a successful check they believe your injuries are worse.

Depending on how different your true state is from the perceived damage, the individual may receive a bonus to their Grit. Your status can be uninjured, mildly injured (around 3/4 HP), injured (around 1/2 HP), seriously injured (around 1/4 HP), grievously injured (below 1/4 HP), disabled (0 HP or below), and dead. For every two stages away from your true state the target receives a +2 bonus to their Grit. For example, attempting to appear injured while uninjured grants a +2. Uninjured to grievously injured would be a +4 Grit.

Be Inconspicuous

Being inconspicuous to make sure attention is not drawn to you, this check is against Grit and on a successful check the action you're undertaking or you yourself are not noticed. This is a sort of "social stealth", wherein you're not trying to "hide" per-say but instead trying to minimize your action in order to prevent attention being drawn to it.


Attempting to disguise yourself through the usage of clothing, make-up, and other such means of changing your appearance. After a Disguise attempt is made, this sets the TN of any Sight or other such checks to pierce the veil of the disguise. Disguise uses Charm as its ability score.


Acting in a proper manner that is befitting of the company you're acting with. Any time a character may be required to make a Persuasion against another and "proper etiquette" must be followed or etiquette befitting of a specific culture or group is required, Etiquette can be used in place of Persuasion. For example, attempting to act appropriately with a noble society, within a 'high class' business meeting, and so on. Etiquette uses Charm as its ability score.


Used in cases of attempting to get a good deal on prices and "cut deals". On a Haggling check, these are tested against each other with the two checks meeting each other meeting the base pricing. For every success over the opponent's, increase the amount beyond the base by 10%. A GM may choose to set a maximum percentage the other individual may accept, as some may be unable to accept a certain amount. Typically the maximum for most items being sold is 90% of the true price of the item, unless the item is something of particular value the shopkeeper wants.

For the "base pricing" in this case, this is typically half price as most of the time selling an item you use half of the base price. Haggling uses Charm as its ability score.


Using forceful language, outright threats, or displays of prowess to cow individuals into acting in a way you wish. Intimidate uses Charm as its ability score.


Threatening, harassing, or pestering someone into acting a specific way you want them to. This is often to push someone to acting a specific way you want, whether that be to force a 'friendly' disposition or to force them into being angered with you or another person. This is a check against the target's Grit, and on a successful check against their Grit, they are successfully coerced into acting a specific way you desire.

Instead of acting on your desired results on a success, the subject of the Coercion can choose to attack or lash out at you however if they choose to do this when you succeed it appears they're acting way out of line, responding overly harsh to you and thus appearing in the wrong.


Directly threatening a subject in order to cause fear in them. This is tested against Grit, and on a successful check this inflicts Trivial Fear for 1 round against the target. You can spend 1 success to increase the duration by 1 round per success spent, however the level of fear cannot be increased typically (however abilities may allow successes to be spent to increase the level of fear from Trivial to Moderate for example). Demoralization takes a Minor Action to perform while in combat.


Using your words to get others to agree with you, resolving issues, and gathering information from others. Persuasion uses Charm as its ability score.


By using wordplay, agreeing with them, or edging them to your side, you can influence someone to be more amicable to you. This is a check against the target's Grit and on a successful check the individual's opinion on you is changed - even if only briefly. For an hour the target will be more willing to believe and cooperate with you, granting you a +1 die bonus to Social skill checks against the target (excluding Persuasion made to Influence, or other similar skill usages that grant die bonuses to Social checks).


Making a request of someone, with the strength of this request determining how likely the subject is to comply. This is a check against the individual's Grit. If the request being made is reasonable (for example, "can you hold my coat?") you receive a +1 die bonus to this check. Unreasonable requests (such as those which would put the subject in unreasonable danger) grant the target a +1 bonus to Grit versus your check.

Gather Information

Collecting and acquiring information, be it from individuals you know or through asking around on the streets. Difficulty of gathering information is typically determined by how helpful the individuals being asked are, or how hostile the environment being asked around in truly is.

Target Number Result
1 Helpful individual / culture
2 Friendly individual / culture
4 Neutral individual / culture
5 Suspicious individual / culture
6 Unfriendly individual / culture
8 Hostile individual / culture
12 Individual or culture who wants you dead


Attempting to seduce an individual either for the purpose of sexual seduction or the seduction for engaging in taboo or illicit actions. Seduction uses Charm as its ability score.

Sexual Seduction

The more traditional and common form of seduction, sexual seduction involves attempting to either get someone to do what you want through attraction or through promises of sexual gratification, or it is used as a means to get someone who may be attracted to you to take notice of you. This is a check against the target's Grit, and on a successful Seduction check the individual is appropriately seduced and will either do what you want or will show obvious attraction toward you. If someone isn't going to be attracted to you (such as if you were a woman attempting to attract a homosexual man) you cannot attempt this check or if you do it'll be much harder. This is up to the GM to determine how this may go.

Taboo Seduction

Trying to coax someone into taking an action which would be regarded by society or the individual as 'taboo' or 'illicit', these can be anything from trying to coax someone to take a drug that would otherwise be illegal or engage in socially damaging behavior such as desecration of religious iconography. This is a check against the target's Grit and on a successful Seduction check the individual is coaxed into taking the action and will go ahead with it. If someone is likely to take such an action such as someone already being interested in drugs being coaxed to take drugs, you receive a +1 die bonus to this check (or higher at GM's discretion). On the other hand, if someone is unlikely to take such an action such as someone religious being told to desecrate a religious icon the individual may receive a bonus to their Grit or at the GM's discretion such a check may be impossible.


Telling stories in order to entertain an individual, entertain a crowd, or sometimes as a method of distraction. This is a check against the target's Grit as to whether or not they're being entertained/distracted, and on a successful check they will be subject to your Storytelling. Storytelling uses Charm as its ability score.

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