The following are species which exist within the setting of The Curse of Man.

Species possess the following Ability Scores;

  • Strength: Physical brawn and lifting power.
  • Dexterity: Hand-eye coordination and nimbleness of your fingers.
  • Agility: Speed, flexibility, and one's ability to maneuver their body.
  • Vitality: Hardiness and the body's ability to stave off poisons, wounds, and more.
  • Intellect: Is you or is you ain't smart.
  • Drive: A measure of one's willpower and the more forceful aspect of their personality.
  • Intuition: Wisdom, instincts, and understanding things.
  • Charm: A measure of your charm, and how much of a presence you command.

These ability scores may be subject to change while the system's flaws are being ironed out.

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