Fat and blubbery drowning victims revived through the Holy Kingdom's T-6B virus.


Physical Description

Standing at around 6' to 6'5'' and covered in layers upon layers of blubbery fat, the Bloatrhimer is a horrific sight to behold. Being reanimated corpses, they often smell rancid and have blue or black tinted skin. Their hair is often stringier and sparser than in life, and their eyes sunken and resembling a fish's eye more than that of a human.


Despite being reanimated corpses, the Bloatrhimer are sentient, though not in the sense of a person being truly raised from the dead. Instead, a fungal parasite has laid it's claim to their brain and direct their every action, being part of their new hivemind and listening to "Mother", the ethereal voice of the hivemind in their head.

Though rare, some can break free from the hold of the hivemind and become what are known as Independents. These Bloatrhimers however are always recognizable to other's as they are unable to communicate through the link.

Bloatrhimer Stats

Strength: 3+1d6
Dexterity: 1+1d4
Agility: 1+1d4
Vitality: 3+1d8
Intellect: 1+1d4
Drive: 2+1d6
Intuition: 2+1d6
Charm: 1+1d6

Hive's Protection: Bloatrhimers receive a +2 bonus to Grit. This bonus is doubled versus Fear, Confusion, and Dazed status effects.

Layers of Fat: Bloatrhimers reduce all physical damage by 2.

Brutalist: Bloatrhimers deal an additional 2 damage on melee attacks. This damage is doubled if the Bloatrhimer is at half or lower HP.

Hit Points: 10 + 1d12 (avg 16)

Size: Medium

Body Type: Humanoid

Starting Traits (choose one): Liberated, Warrior-Drone, Deformed Brain, Deformed Muscles

Land Speed: 4 hexes

Languages: Choose one human language.

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