Humans who have gone through a process of becoming almost completely mechanized, losing much of their humanity.


Physical Description

Though still resembling the shapes of humans typically, the Borg have chosen to mechanize themselves completely and have stripped the vestiges of all that makes them human save for their torso and skull and the internal organs needed to keep their blood pumping. Even then, some Borgs choose to go one step beyond and get surgeries to alter or outright replace their organs. Borgs are often indistinguishable while suited up to someone wearing heavy work suits or armor with the larger Borgs looking like some designs of Powered Armor (sometimes intentionally for the intimidation factor), with some choosing to leave their eyes or face visible whether by eschewing a helmet, or by having glass visors which are able to be seen through.


With their bodies altered in such an extensive way, Borgs universally have some sense of detachment from humanity which is often referred to as 'Natural Mechanization', the process in which their brain 'mechanizes' in their eyes. Those who have surgeries which alter their emotional states, or any other aspects of their mind, are a coin toss for how they've responded to this alteration. Some come out like they've been lobotomized, others come out with new personalities they didn't have before and usually become more and more desensitized to the world around them.

Borg Stats

Strength: 2+1d6
Dexterity: 2+1d6
Agility: 2+1d6
Vitality: 3+1d8
Intellect: 2+1d6
Drive: 2+1d6
Intuition: 2+1d6
Charm: 2+1d4

Fuel Deposit: You possess capacity for fuel to be stored within your body. It isn't necessary for your body to function however, and is instead a storage space; you can store a capacity of fuel equal to half your Vitality (minimum of 1).

Life Support: When in situations of extreme danger, your stored fuel can be used in order to sustain yourself. You can expend 1 capacity of your fuel stored in your Fuel Deposit in order to survive for 1 week without food or drink. In addition for this duration you are unaffected by hot or cold weather (except for extreme hot or cold conditions).

Armored Plating: Your body is counted as always wearing a Battle Helmet and a Ballistic Vest for the purpose of shrapnel and ballistic damage reduction, but not for the other effects of these armors. Your Armored Plating for your chest must be repaired similar to a Ballistic Vest, with a similar cost to buying new ceramic plates. You are unable to wear armor.

Hit Points: 10 + 1d8 (avg. 14)

Size: Medium

Body Type: Humanoid

Starting Traits (choose one): Inhumanity, Automated, Combat Drugs, Soulless

Land Speed: 6 hexes

Languages: As per Human

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