Symbiotes with their host, the B'vati refer to the being within controlling the host.


Physical Description

Though their hosts can vary in appearance, the common thing they tend to share is a unique yet not unpleasant smell (usually likened to fresh fruit), and when under stress a B'vati controlled host will have their irises (or their eye) become a dull pink. Under extreme stress, they begin to glow and radiate a pinkish radiance.

Outside of their hosts, typically only though forcibly being extracted, B'vati look similar to that of a long slug at around 3 feet long and covered in a pink mucus. When outside of a host, the B'vati utilize different stats and can only regain control of a host or acquire a new one by entering through an orifice.


Despite their parasitic symbiotic nature, the B'vati are unlike most would first expect. A B'vati is cunning, patient, and most importantly…deceptive. They wish only for their survival, and though often this means protecting their host body, they typically care little for the host's feelings in the long term.

Due to their desire to spread, B'vati who have acquired a host often control them at the dead of night in an effort to copulate and mate with others of the same species. Those unable to find willing sexual partners will find one through force, often to the horror of the host. It is all an effort to create new B'vati however, as children born from an infected individual are always born with the symbiote in their blood.

These stats are assuming a B'vati is controlling a human or similar humanoid. If removed from the host, use the stats given at the bottom of the page.

B'vati (Host) Stats

Strength: 1+1d4
Dexterity: 2+1d4
Agility: 2+1d4
Vitality: 2+1d6
Intellect: 4+1d6
Drive: 3+1d8
Intuition: 3+1d8
Charm: 4+1d6

Retain Knowledge: If you have succeeded at a Knowledge Skill check can once per day treat yourself as having this skill as Learned for 24 hours thereafter. If you already possess this knowledge, you increase the rank for 1d4 hours.

Absorb Knowledge: By consuming parts of the brain you're capable of absorbing some of the creature's of intelligence. As a Major Action you can drink a slain enemies' cerebral fluid or eat their brains you can grant yourself a +1 bonus to Intellect, Drive, or Intuition. This bonus lasts for 10 minutes, and they can only absorb a target's intelligence once - after which the same target cannot be reused. This does not prevent you from gaining a +1 in a different bonus from another creature. These bonuses however do not stack.

Emergency Exit: As a Reaction you can vomit yourself out from your host up to 4 hexes away. Doing so leaves you helpless for 1 round in your slug form. After which you can move. This is best used when you are about to be slain, and can be used to potentially escape death, however doing so is considered using one of your Back from the Brink uses.

Hit Points: 8 + 1d6 (avg. 11)

Size: Medium

Body Type: Humanoid

Starting Traits (choose one): Strong Link, Parasitic Powers, Benevolent Strain, Loose Link

Land Speed: 6 hexes

Languages: B'vak and all host's languages (default assumes Human host/languages)

B'vati (Outside of Host) Stats

Slug Form: In your slug form you do not have the ability to use any of your species abilities, your movement speed is reduced to 1 hex, and you are considered to have a 1 in Strength, Dexterity, Agility, and Vitality in this form. You are also unable to speak in this form (but can understand all of the same languages as before).

Size: Diminutive

Body Type: Ooze-like

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