Tall and lithe humanoids with stag's horns upon their head.


Physical Description

Einstyr are a humanoid race which stands at about 5'8'' on average with light to tan skin and skinny physiques. Hair colors range from shades of blonde, white, brown, and red, their eyes more often than not being an emerald green. Both male and female Einstyr possess horns similar to that of a stag, save that the female's horns are slightly reduced in size and lack the overall complexity the male's horns may have. These horns are used in ritual combat for mating, and are ornamental to attract mates.


One of the more recent civilizations to have come out of technological stagnation, the Einstyr were around for thousands of years - even around the time of the old world. At this time, they were regarded as savages with little attention payed to them nor their plights. Soldiers would trample through their land to reach other human settlements for war, often upsetting the Einstyr who they promptly ignored unless combat broke out. This hasn't left the minds of most Einstyr, however after the collapse of the old world's government, they watched as more tolerant and less tolerant factions formed with some wishing to wipe them out while others wished to protect them. This leads them to have a shaky relationship with humans, unsure of which to trust.

Individually Einstyr tend to hold onto some druidic traditions from their former religion such as venerating dead family by notching it into their horns, and the coming of age ritual the "Akra-Tur" where the boy who is coming of age must drink the sacred root and is then subjected to many different emotions from pain to pleasure, happiness to sadness, despair to hopefulness. Visions seen through the ritual are meant to be telling of how they will grow up and what they're destined for, for example the warrior caste show bravery even through pain, being willing to push through rather than scream.

Being initially cold toward outsiders, the Einstyr are slow to come out of their shells and are often regarded as the backwards racists from the deep woods. Rarely, Einstyr will abandon their caste and society in order to mingle with humanity instead. These are dubbed "ferals" and are exiled from their people. Said ferals will integrate themselves into human societies, often struggling to find a job, friends, or lovers but a lucky few have managed and the occasional Human-Einstyr hybrid shows this is not a new thing.

Einstyr Stats

Strength: 2+1d4
Dexterity: 2+1d6
Agility: 3+1d8
Vitality: 2+1d6
Intellect: 2+1d6
Drive: 3+1d6
Intuition: 3+1d6
Charm: 1+1d6

Stag Horns: Einstyr are able to use their horns as a weapon, it is treated as an unarmed attack with the (x) quality.

Forest Bound: While within forests the Einstyr have a +1 to Avoid, and are capable of moving through forested terrain without being hindered (such as by vines).

Eternal Caste: Einstyr are part of various "Castes" of their society, broken down into Warrior, Hunter, and Elder. At character creation, choose one of these castes. Warrior castes receive a +1 die bonus to Polearm and Bow skill rolls. Hunter castes receive a +1 die bonus to Tracking and Sneaking. Elder castes receive a +1 die bonus to Arcana and Ritual.

Hit Points: 8 + 1d4 (avg. 10)

Size: Medium

Body Type: Humanoid

Starting Traits (choose one): Sharp Horns, Caste of the Leaf, Dark Omen, Waste Spliced

Land Speed: 6 hexes

Languages: One of the following languages; Rosllyn, Menyata, or Svell-Speak

These three Einstyr languages are all mutually intelligible with one another, however attempting to make Social checks against someone you are mutually intelligible with (but not sharing the same language) increases the TN by 1.

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