Humanity is a race that is as varied as it is common. The dominant race of the world, humans are a majority of the population in certain states.


Physical Description

Humans have varied skin colors, eye colors, and hair colors. Usually hair colors can be segmented into brown, black, red, and blonde with some variance between these colors. Eye colors are usually blue, green, or brown. Their average height for males is 5'10'' and females is 5'5'', with some variation depending on the culture and landscape the individual comes from, adapting to the environment after hundreds of thousands of years, something most humans wouldn't recognize with their short lives by comparison.


Human personalities are varied, usually being less determined by race and more determined by their culture and upbringing. On the continent however; humans have suffered countless periods of strife, war, and been the subject of countless atrocities. Not by any mythical creatures, but by their own kind. Separations of culture, religion, and beliefs are intense in humans, and is the most common reason for division in humanity.

Human Stats

Strength: 2+1d6
Dexterity: 2+1d6
Agility: 2+1d6
Vitality: 2+1d6
Intellect: 2+1d6
Drive: 2+1d6
Intuition: 2+1d6
Charm: 2+1d6

Adaptability: Humans can reallocate up to 4 ability score points at character creation instead of the usual 2.

Personal Study: Humans love to teach themselves new things - especially if it relates to their hobbies or interests. They receive a skill at Learned rank of their choice.

Incredible Variability: Humans are incredibly varied, and receive a free trait which they must meet the prerequisites for at character creation.

Hit Points: 8 + 1d8 (avg. 12)

Size: Medium

Body Type: Humanoid

Starting Traits (choose one): The Struggle, Supremacy, Flexibility, Mixed Bloodline

Land Speed: 6 hexes

Languages: Trade-Speak and one of the following languages; Wesian, Kristvak, Londese, and Eve-Speak.

At one time in the past, Trade-Speak was a language all humans spoke, and possessed a different name. Said name has been lost to time, and the language was corrupted and grew further from one another with many years of isolation from one another. All human language have an origin in Trade-Speak, and can speak their original tongue, but their only usage of it now is for speaking with foreigners. Among their own countrymen, they use the cultural language instead. Its name of Trade-Speak came from its constant and prolific usage in trade and foreign relations, although now it is most often associated with allowing them to insult foreigners, and for leaders to make formal declarations of war with no ambiguity in their reasons, typically including as many insults as necessary.

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