Tall and lithe human-shaped beings made of various gems glistening with prismatic light, affording them their name.


Physical Description

Standing tall at around 6' on average, the Prismosi are a strange species born of unusual circumstances. They are partially organic yet have a symbiotic relationship with various earthen materials; rocks, gems, metals, and ore all serving to become part of them. Underneath the rocky exterior that makes up their "skin" and "muscle", wholly organic organs like that found inside of a human are covered in a thin layer of pseudo-skin partially obscuring the innards and serving as a weak guard against anything which may get past their rocky exterior. Unlike their torso however their head and other parts of their body are not quite the same, being forged from a metallic-like skeleton of wrought iron or steel, creating a skeleton which consists largely of a spine and head with thinner and thinner bones as they get close to the arms and legs, almost as if a human's skeleton was taken and the bones toward their arms and legs were trimmed and sanded down to thin nubs. Despite this, they work completely fine. In addition to this, their skull is a gemstone of any kind, and is partially visible to the outside as it is surrounded by the rocky exterior save for where their 'face' would be. This gemstone 'face' is what they use to illicit emotions through altering the color of the pieces of the gemstone which are visible. This is used in addition with their ability to see, speak, and hear just like a regular person despite lacking the necessary organs to do so.

Due to the way they look, most Prismosi attempt to disguise themselves so as to not attract attention, as their dying species is often either a sight for unwanted attention from scientists, or a sign of danger from those wishing to purge them from the land. Some go so far as to wear human-like masks and cover themselves in heavy cloaks, giving the vague appearance of a person under their clothing.


"Personality" to the Prismosi isn't quite a foreign concept, but is most certainly an idea they believe was concocted by outsiders (humans primarily) as a means to slow progress, slow technology down, and hinder the machinations of the state. If the state isn't running efficiently, they often use people's "personality" or "individuality" as a scapegoat if inefficiency cannot be discerned, leading to a highly repressive culture which seeks to stamp out this foreign concept. Those who choose to adhere to this mindset of having a personality to oneself being dangerous, these Prismosi are often referred to as the "Solid" while those who choose to walk their own path instead of following the whims of an almost mechanical society and seek something greater are referred to as the "Aberrants". This clash of ideas has led to many Prismosi being prematurely slain due to the idea one might be developing a personality, and thus won't fit within the machine-like nature of their society anymore. It has also led to some who see gaining a personality to be one of the joys of living start a revolt and break away from their overlords, forming their own small tribes and bands or organizing themselves and joining other nations.

Solid Prismosi are typically an extreme technology-based variation of Communism, one which has abandoned all sense of morality or pretense of caring about the people's rights. After all, why care about the life of one Prismosi in favor of ensuring the glorious state runs efficiently? Aberrants are typically any other political ideology, though usually they end up as some form of Anarchist or non-Communist Socialist ideology.

Prismosi Stats

Strength: 2+1d6
Dexterity: 3+1d6
Agility: 2+1d6
Vitality: 2+1d8
Intellect: 2+1d8
Drive: 1+1d6
Intuition: 3+1d6
Charm: 1+1d6

Machinations of the Stonemind: Prismosi are immune to Fear and Confusion.

Body of Stone and Metal: Prismosi receive a +1 bonus to Resilience. They receive a further +2 bonus to Resilience versus effects which inflict Illness, Pain, Staggered, and Stunned. They lose these bonuses temporarily if they would be brought to 0 Hit Points or lower, regaining the bonus upon being brought over 0 HP.

Differently Abled: Prismosi do not 'breathe', 'see', or do much in a way similar to humans. They are immune to ingested and inhaled poisons and toxins (but not contact), do not need to breathe and are thus immune to suffocation and don't need to breathe underwater. Effects which target eyesight, smell, and hearing still affect them as normal. Prismosi temporarily lose their immunities to inhaled and ingested poisons and toxins and their lack of need to breathe if they would be brought to 0 HP or lower, and regain these benefits if they would be brought above 0 HP.

Hit Points: 10 + 1d6 (avg. 13)

Size: Medium

Body Type: Humanoid

Starting Traits (choose one): Stone Empathy, Earthspark, Boulder Fists, Endlessly Curious

Land Speed: 6 hexes

Languages: Earthspeak and one of the following languages; Rosllyn, Kristvak, Krosk Vorta, or Ukratano

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