Tall and muscular, these green-skinned humanoids hail from the deserts.


Physical Description

Slightly taller and bulkier than that of humans, these gray-green skinned humanoids have piercing eyes and square faces lend to an intimidating visage. Their hair tend to be straight and either black or brown while their eyes can be a shade of red, yellow, or orange, resembling burning embers which are capable of glowing at the night time, giving them a horrific appearance to the unsuspecting.


Ukrata society is highly militaristic and honor-driven, combat and the glory therein being highly prized. Despite this militarism, their society focused on the core tenants of chivalry, heroism, protection of those who cannot protect themselves, and the glory that comes from death in combat. This focus on honorable combat results in many Ukrata still practicing and engaging in melee combat exclusively rather than blending melee and ranged, or exclusively using ranged weapons, a fact which often is seen as bizarre and intimidating. Outside of the battlefield, Ukrata don't make good conversationalists and are very matter of fact and straight to the point - their personalities being called 'blunter than a hammer'. They are, contrary to some, capable of experiencing love and affection for others - those entering within its social circle experience their protective personalities, being doted upon and being likened to an older sibling or a parent due to their strong bonds they form.

Ukrata Stats

Strength: 3+1d8
Dexterity: 2+1d6
Agility: 2+1d6
Vitality: 3+1d6
Intellect: 1+1d6
Drive: 2+1d6
Intuition: 2+1d4
Charm: 3+1d6

Blessing of Water: Ukrata can survive twice as long without water than normal.

Desert Strider: Ukrata are capable of moving at their normal movement speed in desert conditions, and are not hindered by naturally occuring desert difficult terrain.

Tenacious Ferocity: When at half Hit Points or less, the Urkata receive a +1 to their Avoid and a +1 die bonus to attack rolls.

Hit Points: 10 + 1d8 (avg. 14)

Size: Medium

Body Type: Humanoid

Starting Traits (choose one): Tusked, Militarist, Protectorate, Crack of the Whip

Land Speed: 6 hexes

Languages: Ukratano or Ukraserno

Ukratano is spoken by the western Ukrata whereas Ukraserno are spoken by the eastern Ukrata. They can both understand one another, but often their more flowery, descriptive words are different and contain loan words from neighboring cultures which aren't shared between the two languages.

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