Hairy and ape-like humanoids from the jungles, these beings feign being primitive to throw off the unaware.


Physical Description

With stocky builds similar to that of a silverback gorilla, the Yl'gal are an intimidating bunch who are usually assumed to be nothing more than savage apes before this notion is quickly proven wrong. Unlike wild apes Yl'gal have more human-like eyes and make facial expressions more akin to that of a human's expressions than that of an ape's. Their fur ranges from an ashen black to a dull gray, and their eyes are often either blue or brown with a scant few green eyed Yl'gal in existence. Most Yl'gal traverse on all fours unless deliberately attempting to walk upright, and even while upright are usually slightly hunched over.

In an attempt to express their clear differences, Yl'gal will often wear clothing and try to accentuate their "smartiness" over gorillas, showing themselves as being more than the perceived savage, and wishing to instead be respected for their intellect as much as their brawn. This leads to many Yl'gal wearing glasses of some sort, as they believe this elevates them into looking more professional or official.


Yl'gal are a species of extreme emotions; they are normally predisposed to being calm and peaceful, living simply and engaging in hunting or foraging. However, when even the smallest of insults or hints of aggression come their way, they immediately begin raring for a fight. This level of adrenaline and rage builds up quickly and explodes violently, as they pursue or hunt the individual who was the recipient. Other Yl'gal are often influenced by the emotions of another, and will even join another of their kin to find and punish a wrongdoer. This leads to most being cautious of Yl'gal, constantly worried about setting them off like a barrel of gunpowder. Most understand their proclivity toward extremes and will give fair warning in polite company to one they believe to be unintentionally stepping on their toes, however a refusal to heed these warnings are often met with an angry Yl'gal ready to pummel them within an inch of their life.

Outside of this, the society of the Yl'gal are extremely close-knit and can be described as a mix of tribalism and 'sophisticated' culture, with Yl'gal villages relying on a shaman elder to guide them and practicing esoteric rituals to help alleviate common illnesses, meanwhile they engage in topics of philosophy, debate, and creative endeavors. These debates go well when it is Yl'gal debating among themselves, however non-Yl'gal are advised to stay out so as to not start undue trouble. These debates, despite the fact that they are 'philosophical' and 'high concept', often involve rather simple aspects of life the Yl'gal wish to ponder - questions science may answer the what to, but the Yl'gal are held up on the why. Some answers to their quandaries exist, though others are recorded in their "Tome of Mysteries", a massive tome detailing the "mysteries of the world", with solved mysteries crossed out with small explanations written in margins as to how they were solved.

Yl'gal Stats

Strength: 3+1d8
Dexterity: 2+1d4
Agility: 2+1d6
Vitality: 3+1d8
Intellect: 2+1d6
Drive: 2+1d6
Intuition: 2+1d6
Charm: 1+1d4

Primitive Form: When they don't wish to be seen or noticed, the Yl'gal are good at appearing as nothing more than a simple gorilla. They receive a +2 die bonus to Deception and Disguise checks made to appear as a gorilla instead of as a Yl'gal.

Strong Heft: Yl'gal are able to wield a two-handed weapon in one hand, but increase the TN to attack rolls when doing this by 1. They cannot dual wield two-handed weapons, however they can wield a two-handed weapon in one hand and a one-handed weapon in another.

Clamber Up: When the Yl'gal would be prone, they need only spend a Minor Action rather than a Major Action to stand from their prone position.

Hit Points: 11 + 1d6 (avg. 14)

Size: Medium

Body Type: Humanoid

Starting Traits (choose one): Thick Fur, White Fur, Elusive, Thinky Sort

Land Speed: 6 hexes

Climb Speed: 4 hexes

Languages: Krosk Vorta

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