Magic derived from one's own faith in their religion or belief system, the power bestowed by Miracles are divine in their appearance and the source of its power is mysterious - many claim to know the true source of power for their faith-based magic comes from, but none are able to definitively prove it. Some who are irreligious are able to practice Miracles too, if they have a strong enough conviction in a belief system, political entity, or code they follow. This adds a further level of confusion, as the religious claim they are merely being blind to the gift given to them by God while the others believe the religious folk are merely believing their inherent power is coming instead from their God, making them weak.


One's own conviction and belief is the primary driving force behind their magic, known as faith, this type of spellcasting is mixture of said belief and your own control over your form of "The Spark". When utilizing faith, it often involves a glowing aura surrounding the practitioner, with the common colors ascribed to the auras being golden, black, and red. Gold is typically associated with priests, black normally associated with cultists and rebellious faiths, while lastly red is associated with irreligious belief systems.

Failing a Faith check may cause a brief Crisis of Faith where you the seeds of self doubt, which are ever present, overwhelm you for a brief time. Depending on your degree of failure, depends on the severity. A degree of failure is how many successes you missed the TN by. If you ended up rolling below 0 successes somehow, you end up taking the worst result possible instead.

  1. Miracles you cast increase their TN by 1 for 24 hours.
  2. Miracles you cast increase their MR by 2 for 24 hours.
  3. Your spell ends up casting, however the intended target is reversed. Thus if your intended target is the enemy it instead reverses to you, and vice versa.
  4. Although the spell failed, it managed to drain you of a lot of your energy, leaving you feeling exhausted. Increase the TN of all skill checks for 24 hours by 1.
  5. A profound emptiness remains where your belief once was, leaving you feeling lost and alone…like you are missing a part of yourself now. You temporarily lose 1 point of Faith for 24 hours. This can stack if this mishap ends up occurring again.

Minor Miracle Spells

Minor spells do not have a TN above 1, and are typically the earliest and some of the first and the most basic spells characters learn upon learning spellcasting. Minor Spells take no MR to cast unlike normal spells.

Locate the Faithful

MR: 0, TN: 0, Range: 6 hexes, Area of Effect: Cone, Action/Time: Minor Action
Description: You can reach outside of your traditional senses in order to attempt to discern whether there are individuals who share your faith nearby. Once cast, this spell allows you to sense if there is anybody who shares your faith within a 6 hex cone of you, and tells you who those are who detect as sharing your faith. It does not however tell you what faiths others believe in if they do not share your own.

Miracle Spells

These are spells that characters trained in Miracles are able to learn and cast.

All spells which specify an attack roll indicate you to use your spellcasting attribute (Faith) against the Defense it's listed to go against.


MR: 2, TN: 2, Range: 6 hexes, Area of Effect: single target, Action/Time: Major Action
Description: Designating a target you can see within 6 hexes of you, you've marked them as being an enemy of the faith who must be purged. Enemies hit by this take 8 points of damage and are knocked prone. Additional successes can be spent with every 2 successes spent increasing the damage by 1 each time.

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