Class Traits

Class traits are traits which are unique to different classes, and are taken on receiving the first level of a class.

Soldier Traits


Choose (or create with your GM) a war that had occurred in the past. You are a veteran of this war, and have received experience - and scars - from this conflict. You increase your maximum Sanity by 2, and you receive Lore [Name of the war] at Learned rank.


Choose a country's military, you've gone AWOL from this military service and they are now on the hunt for you. Members of this military are likely to recognize you, and you receive a +1 die bonus to all checks (including attack rolls) and a +1 bonus to all Defenses against people from this military.


You've committed an act of military treason which has branded you a traitor, likely leading to the government branding you a traitor and marked for death or capture. Choose a country, this country sees you as a traitor. Police forces and military are likely to recognize you, and likely to try to arrest or shoot to kill you depending on what your directions of engagement are by the country. In exchange for this you receive Trickery, Sneaking, and Lockpicking all at Learned rank.

State Loyalty

You're a loyal servant of the state, one who follows orders directly and thoroughly - a truly upstanding exemplar of a soldier. You receive a +1 die bonus on all Social checks against people from the country you choose to be a soldier from, and this bonus doubles against citizenry or people under your military rank.

Charlatan Traits


You're adept at flirting, cajoling, and making others attracted to you if they're attracted to your sex. You receive a +1 die bonus on Seduction checks against those this applies against, and in the midst of combat you can attempt to make someone who would be subject to this to think twice about attacking you. This is a Seduction check against the target's Grit, and on a successful check they opt not to attack you on their turn (though your allies are fair game). If any of their allies attack you, they will attack that ally on their turn. This lasts for a number of rounds equal to your Charm.


You play pranks often, and are known for your equally jovial and mischievous attitude. If you use Trickery you can choose to let the opponent see it on a success, however seeing this causes them to suffer a -1 to Avoid and Grit, as well as increasing the TN of all Social skill checks they make for the next 1d4+1 rounds.


Through the use of the Perform skill you are able to inspire others. Using your Perform skill against a TN 5 you can attempt to inspire an ally to gain a +1 die bonus to a single skill check they're about to make. Doing this is a Reaction and an ally can only be affected by this once every 24 hours.


Combat experience and your quick wit has garnered you the ability to utilize it to your advantage. Choose a weapon with the Finesse, when wielding that weapon you use your Charm as your ability score for attack and damage.

Detective Traits

Private Eye

You've always been on your own, and the work of a detective is no exception. This has also earned you a reputation of being a maverick, and understanding how the police work despite not working for them. You receive a +1 die bonus to skill checks against police officers, military officers, and other government employees.

Tight Leash

Police of the nation understand you're a wild card, and thus wish to keep you from getting out of hand. After purchasing gear for your character, you receive a tracking beacon. This tracking beacon is implanted somewhere inconspicuous under your skin where you can't find it and rip it out easily. In addition to this, your weaponry, armor, vehicles, and property (if any) is technically owned by your police force, and they can and will revoke it if you step out of line too often. It is effectively yours to do with what you please, however they hold this as leverage over you. In exchange, you can call upon said police force for favors. These favors are up to the GM, but typically if it's something which they can send one officer out to do, or is something which heavily aligns with their interests, they'll accept.

Secret Police

People often hate the secret police (which people nickname as the "SecPol"), hating when they turn up and abuse their power. Unlike said people, you are the secret police. And as their officer, you have freer reign than most police and even military officers have. Crimes which you commit are handwaved by your department, so long as said crimes don't become massive public scandals - and especially so long as your identity isn't discerned. Even then, they'll make their attempts to cover for you, including "punishments" which usually amount to small fines or "demotions" which aren't really demotions but instead a change in roles.

In exchange for this extreme amount of freedom however, you are expected to remain in one area without deviance unless in extreme circumstances. Thus you typically aren't allowed too far outside of the city you're tasked to unless given permission to leave. If you do leave your post (the right way) you must have a goal to fulfill - and once that goal is fulfilled, you return home as soon as possible.

Something Ain't Right

Through years of detective work, you've acquired a sort of…sixth sense. A gut feeling which triggers whenever something feels incredibly off. If you have a suspicion of something before making a Sense or Social skill check, you can announce "something ain't right" out loud and as a result reroll your check and take the better result. Alternative phrases can be made for this, but should keep a general tone of feeling something is off, or feeling like you're onto something.

Scrapper Traits

Way of the Lotus

Having trained under a revered master; you've achieved a sense of balance, purpose, and selflessness to unlock your chi pathways, and pick up the Ki Power which lies behind one's soul. You receive two Ki Powers.

Punishing Fist

Your punches are especially powerful, leaving enemies reeling. Add Brutal and Deadly to the Mastered Techniques list which can be taken.

Street Style

During a street brawl, you've been forced to kick your way through doors as well as punching through walls - either intentionally or unintentionally. Surprisingly, this leads to some growth in your style. Add Puncturing and Breaching to the Mastered Techniques list which can be taken.

Close Quarters

You're accustomed to being especially close to your enemy, to the point where it makes it difficult for them to maneuver around you. Against two-handed melee weapons you receive a +2 to Avoid. Against one-handed melee weapons, you receive +1 to Avoid.

Bodyguard Traits


Unlike most bodyguards for hire, you are tasked with guarding a specific person regularly - someone important and/or someone who is frequently targeted by thugs and dangerous folk. If this character you're bodyguarding is not another player character, you and the GM should create an NPC together who will follow you and be your tag-along. This tag-along receives Learned rank in five skills of their choice, receives the average of stats for their species in all stats, and has no real class levels (but having an effective level of 1). This NPC you're guarding may gain levels over time.

My Country

You're completely and utterly devoted to serving a particular nation, and thus you are tasked with defending it and it's people in it's time of need. Choose a nation to be serving upon taking this trait. If you and another player are from the same country, they receive a +1 Avoid while they're adjacent to you.

My Profession

Devoted to being the best bodyguard you can be, this means taking hits and getting into the thick of a fight quick enough to do your job. Choose an ally within your line of sight. So long as you intend to end your turn adjacent to this ally, increase your movement speed by 1.5 times.

Always Alert

You've been trained to become alert at even the small hint that danger may be around the corner. You receive a +4 bonus on your Initiative checks.

Occultist Traits

Demonic Entity

You possess a demon, one which wishes it were in total control of you. Every time you spend from your MR, you can choose to try and exercise the will of the demon. This is a another magic check equal to your level + 3), and on a success you avoid being taken over as well as your spell dealing a bonus 4 damage and recovering 1 MR from what was spent. If you fail, the demon takes full control for 1d4 minutes, effectively relinquishing control to the GM.

Gripped by Fear and Tentacles

Your mind has been touched by something…other. It's taint has spread and gnaws at your fragile mind. You increase your maximum Sanity by 4, but take a -1 to Grit versus effects which target Sanity.

Mystic Prodigy

You're a gifted prodigy with magic, something which routinely makes other mages jealous or in awe of your control. Increase your magic ability score by 1, however increase the TN of Social skill checks versus other magic users by 2.

Ideological Magic

Your political beliefs strongly influence your magic, which in turn…fuels it. Instead of the normal choices of magic types, you instead gain Faith, with your "religion" instead being your ideology.

Martyr Traits


Unlike many other Martyrs, your connection to "The Spark" is strong, allowing you to control it like a magic user. You treat your Prophet trait as The Spark, and acquire Arcana as a magic type, learning one spell and two minor spells. Spells learned in this manner MUST be water/ice spells, as determined by their description and damage type listed.

Divine Providence

Your faith protects you, shields you from your enemies and may even save your life in some scenarios. You gain a bonus to all Defenses equal to 1/3 of your Martyr level (minimum 0).

The Grand Scheme

Every action and inaction in the universe is part of your Faith's grand plan, one grander than any human mind could hope to comprehend. Once per day you can call upon this trait to gain a +1 die bonus to a single Knowledge check.

As Above - So Below

Once per day you can peer into another, ethereal world. One which you cannot truly understand, but which has flashes of insight - moments of understanding and showing actions which may occur. It is up to the GM to declare what is seen in the vision, if anything useful at all. If nothing useful is given by using this, the GM can refund the usage of the ability for the day.

Savage Traits

Weaponized Stupidity

Your lack of understanding and intellect is of some use to you in the long run. Upon taking this trait you can reduce your Intellect by 2, and increase your Strength by 2. If lowering it would reduce your Intellect below 1, it instead reduces it down to 1, with the amount it reduced it by being added to Strength (minimum -0 Int for +0 Str).

One-Track Mind

All you can think of when under the effects of Berserk is to smash, smash, smash. While in Berserk, you can only attack one target at a time, only switching upon their death/destruction. However, against this single target reduce the amount of successes needed to critically hit (minimum of 2).

Brutal Combatant

Those you kill tend to end up a bloody mess of pulpy flesh and crushed bones. Upon killing an enemy, you can make an Intimidate skill check against everyone within 4 hexes of you who can see your carnage. This intimidate is made at a +1 die bonus for every 10 damage below the minimum HP needed to kill them you dealt.

Under the Black Sun

Esoteric Nazism only. You believe in the tenants of the black sun, the total destruction of the impure. Anything is necessary against the subhumans…you know that. And you care little for their suffering and pleas. You receive a +4 to Grit versus those your ideology considered "subhuman".

Scum Traits


Choose a faction or ideology. You are branded as a rebel of this group, someone to be hated and hunted down. You receive a +2 die bonus to hit and on skill checks against people from this group, however they receive a +2 die bonus to recognize you as a rebel against their faction.

Contract Killer

Once per day you can ask the GM if the target(s) you've killed or defeated after a battle have prices on their heads. If they do not, this abilities' use is not spent. If they do, you know what the price on their head is, and where to redeem it. You also know whether they want the target alive or dead.


Trained in guerilla warfare, you understand the importance of hit and run tactics as well as remaining unpredictable against a more organized force. You receive a +2 die bonus to attack rolls and skill checks against organized armies or military personnel, as well as a +2 die bonus on building traps.


Taking what you want is easy, or at least, you make it look easy. You receive a +2 die bonus to checks made to steal items, disguise or hide hidden items, or go unnoticed after stealing something.

Medium Traits

Blood of Damnation

Your blood is tainted in a literal sense, making it toxic and necrotic for all but yourself. Everyone adjacent to you after you have been hit by a slashing or piercing damage attack has an attack made against Avoid, with a successful hit dealing 2 corruption damage. This attack is equal to your Vitality, and receives a +1 die bonus for every 3 levels of Medium you possess.

Touched by the Abyss

It has called. It has reached out - reaching for you. And you were touched by it. You share your body with some form of eldritch entity, an unknowable intelligence sharing your experiences and watching your every move. This entity will not intervene in your actions, however it will take control of your body if you would fall unconscious in a dangerous area. At the beginning of the day, you lose 1d4 points of Sanity. This is after recovering Sanity from resting.

Resist Temptation

Your mind is steeled against attempts to guide you, even by the unnatural forces in the world. You receive a +4 Grit versus Social skill checks, and against abilities which would take control of your mind or influence your actions through force.

Hunted by Demons

You're always being hunted by demons, their desire to either end your life and drag your soul to hell with them. Once per month, a demon enemy will come from hell 1 mile away from you, and start hunting you down. This demon is equal strength to you in terms of level.

Astrologer Traits


Throughout your life, you've been a loner…and truly, this is the only way you're comfortable with. You are unable to receive assistance on tasks and must complete them on your own, and so long as an ally is within 4 hexes of you while in combat you increase the TN of all checks you try to make by 1. On the contrary however, so long as there are no allies within 4 hexes of you while in combat, you receive a +1 die bonus to all checks you make as well as a +1 bonus to Grit, Resilience, and Avoid.

Cosmic Strategist

By discerning the patterns in the stars, you can prepare for the battles ahead. By making a Lore (Astrology) check versus a TN 6, you can (at night) prepare for any battles which may occur within the next 24 hours. Doing so requires 1 hour of examining and understanding the meaning of the stars' locations. On a success you receive a +4 bonus to your initiative for the first battle which occurs within 24 hours of having used this. Alternatively, on a failure you believe you are safe and no battle is planned to come your way giving you a -4 to initiative instead.

Born Under a Shooting Star

Already a rare breed, an Astrologer born at the same time as a shooting star is bound to witness the secrets of the universe more than any other Astrologer. Once per day you can reroll any skill roll within your line of sight (including your own, an allies', or an enemies'), even if the result was already determined. Against enemies, this check is made against a TN which is 1 higher than the original.


You've been…"lucky", so to speak, and this is bound to save your ass one day. You have an extra free usage of "Back from the Brink" which can be used.

Naturalist Traits


Trait description.


Trait description.

Mystic Herbs

Trait description.


Trait description.

Hotshot Traits

Born To Fly

Trait description.

Like My Father

Trait description.

Like Riding A Bike

Trait description.

War Pilot

Trait description.

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