General Traits

General traits are traits which don't fit into a specific category, and/or are generally useful all around.


You are dedicated to your religion, and are ever faithful in its ability to not only rise you up from hardship, but its ability to help others overcome their hardship. You roll an additional +1 die on any Social skill checks relating to your religion, and needn't make Lore checks of TN 2 or lower relating to religions so long as they are at least Adept at the skill.

Foggy Memory

You have trouble remembering things, especially in regard to aspects about yourself. Any Lore check you make increases the TN by 1 unless you are Adept or higher in the skill, this TN is increased by 3 when it comes to remembering aspects of your life before being afflicted with amnesia and is not reduced by having a higher skill rank. Despite this however, you're able to call upon lost knowledge at opportune times. A number of times per day equal to your Intellect or Intuition (whichever is higher) you can substitute one Knowledge skill for another Knowledge skill.

Born Under the Star

Choose a planet or star within the solar system (as listed below), you gain benefits from this star sign. Home world of the Curse of Man setting is Vodolva.

  • The Sun: The sun, it rejuvenates you and gives you life. After resting you gain an additional +1d6 hit points.
  • Eter: Planet closest to the sun, it is a barren waste with a single moon, being born under Eter grants you a +1 to Resilience.
  • Sutur: Planet closest to the home world and is known to be a desert, being born under Sutur grants you a +1 die on Social skill checks.
  • Unavul: The fourth planet, it is a frigid tundra with known animal life - but only relegated to fish from observations. Being born under Unavul grants you a +1 die to Arcana and Spellcasting.
  • Cuthris: One of the gas giants which possesses many raging storm clouds on its surface. Being born under Cuthris grants you a +1 to Grit.
  • Magnolia: An ice giant with several moons and a sulfuric atmosphere. Being born under Magnolia grants you a +2 to Resilience versus poisons, toxins, and diseases.
  • Leta: A dark red giant which is rarely seen, and is not well understood by astronomers. Being born under Leta results in you receiving a random mutation (see below).
  • Sophia: Named after the goddess of the old world, Sophia is the 'brightest' planet despite how far it is and is dotted with crystals on its surface. Being born under Sophia grants you a +1 to Avoid.

Leta Mutation (roll 1d4):

  1. You grow an extra arm. This arm can hold objects no greater than 1 pound, and cannot be used for attacking.
  2. Your hands and feet become webbed and you develop gills. You can breathe underwater, and swim under water at the same speed as your land speed.
  3. You grow a third eye on your forehead which grants you a +1 die to Sight rolls, and can pretend to be closed - having two sets of lids, and only closing one. This imposes a +2 to the TN of Sight rolls however.
  4. You mutate to lose many of the less attractive features you may have had, becoming unnaturally beautiful - almost creepily so. You gain a +1 die bonus to all Social checks, with an additional +1 die bonus to Intimidate and Seduction.

Quick Fix

Capable of helping in certain medical practices in a tight spot, you have enough knowledge to keep someone alive long enough to get to real medical attention. When you use Medicine to stabilize, you heal them an additional 1d4 Hit Points and they remain stable for 1d6 hours.


Being accustomed to the life of criminality, you can show just how serious you can be when it comes to your threats. On Intimidate checks against someone unable to defend themselves or is surprised, you can deal 1 damage to them in order to grant +1 die to the Intimidate roll. This damage is usually a result of a punch, kick, pushing them against something, or other forms of nonlethal and trivial forms of attacking.

On a successful Intimidate, if they choose to attack you for hitting them they suffer a -2 penalty to Avoid and Grit for 1d4 rounds. This is in cases where it's used on a surprised individual, and they retaliate.


Always willing to get an edge up on others through fair means or foul, you've always been planning for attempts to gain power or wealth when the time is right. You can use Deception in place of Persuasion, and Intimidate can be used by burying threats or snide remarks - doing this is a more socially acceptable form of intimidating by not directly threatening violence or other such actions. It won't likely be responded to with violence, whether success or failure.


You've always had what some people call is a…"plain face", never standing out too much in a crowd and not really having much of a presence without you deliberately putting yourself out there.

You gain a +1 die to Sneaking checks, and this is increased to a +2 die bonus if you are trying to do so in a crowd.


You're still quite young - or appear younger than you really are, and this means people sometimes misjudge your competency based on your appearance. This does, however, mean people can be more forgiving toward you, believing you to be a kid who doesn't know better or needn't be punished as harshly.

You gain a +1 die to Deception and Persuasion checks when pleading your innocence - either to a wrongdoing or making up a story to make you sound less guilty or even just mistaken. If this check fails, the person who is scrutinizing them is likely to still take a softer approach than they would with an adult, especially if they are part of the police or military.


You've always been sure to pack specific things, and are always ready ahead of time. This usually means having something in a hitch, being able to produce it when you need it most. Choose a category for the things to be well-supplied with. These cannot be any type of weapon or armor (but can be bullets or tools that can be improvised as weapons). Example categories include rations, camping supplies, and rope.

When in a situation where you would need the item you're well supplied with, you can choose to once per week spend your well-supplied to have just what you need! If it's any perishable items like food, it's 1d4 days worth. If it's bullets, it's 1d6 individual bullets of a type which is up to you. You must have a way to restock if you use this ability and wish to regain your usage of it after the week is up. This means if you want to stock back up on food, you'll either need an animal hunted or food foraged, or you'll need to have stopped by a town where you could resupply.


Something which is beneficial for some, and a hindrance for others, people know about you. They've heard tales of you, whether it be tall tales or from an extensive record of crime or the like. Regardless, those who know you have a more mixed reception toward you when they know just who you are.

When you say your name, or if interacting with someone who already knows you, you gain a +1 die bonus to Haggling and Intimidate checks. However, you're more likely to attract attention doing this, which could be bad in the long run.


Unfortunately for some unexplainable or unknown reason, you've been afflicted by a curse of some sort. This curse manifests itself in interesting ways - often resulting in embarrassing or inconvenient situations for you. The nature of the curse is up to you (and subject to GM approval) and can take many forms - for example; unlucky aura, momentary insanity, momentary mutation, brief disability, and so on.

This curse typically manifests by the GM, however you can choose to invoke it yourself by force once per day. If you're being afflicted by your curse, you gain a +1 die to Arcana and Spellcasting for as long as the curse lasts (usually 1 minute). This curse usually manifests more often in the presence of the supernatural.

Dark Sight

Unlike most, you're capable of seeing in the dark pretty easily. It's like both night and day are easily able to be traversed. It's still dark, sure, but the darkness doesn't hinder your vision strangely enough. People with Dark Sight normally have strange looking eyes, often making the person look unhinged or on drugs despite being fine.

You are able to see in both the light and the dark equally, and take no penalties from making checks due to the light level. The exception is magical forms of darkness, where your dark sight is unable to even see somewhat inside it.


Seen it all, done it all. You've gone through the meat grinder and come out tougher on the other end. This has had its psychological impact, but hey, who said becoming tough as nails was easy?

You receive the Shell-Shocked mental illness, but reduce all sanity damage by 1. In addition, instead of losing a turn on the first round of combat you instead must spend 1d4 minutes calming yourself down as you're seeing red, still looking for threats.


You've studied plenty of languages, having a knack for learning new ones and putting that knack to good use.

You learn two additional languages in addition to your starting languages.


A natural extrovert and charmer, you're 'the life of the party' to others, bringing plenty of energy to social events you attend.

You can use Comedy in place of Deception and Storytelling in place of Persuasion.


You've been exiled by a specific nation, religious order, faction, or other sorts of groups. This has led to you being an outcast, and being branded as an enemy of that group.

Choose a group (nation, religion, faction, etc.) and among people of this group, you are automatically considered an enemy and they often make attempts to attack or subdue you. Despite this setback, you've acquired your fair share of insider knowledge. When making skill checks relating to that group, you gain a +1 die to the roll. In addition to this, you can use Lore pertaining to this group as a substitute for Deception, Intimidate, and Persuasion checks against those who are a part of the group.


You are what some refer to as a 'prophet', and this religious role has led you to acquire the ability to call upon your religion for miracles.

This trait is a prerequisite for classes which grant Miracles or some other divine abilities.


You've been a simple person, living a simple life. This has left you with experience in practical areas and day-to-day tasks.

You receive a +1 die bonus on one skill of your choice. This skill cannot be a Combat skill.


You're a lucky bastard, having survived a lot of things you really shouldn't have. This is a talent you've not really honed so much as acquired…by chance, of course.

Three times per day you can reroll a skill you've attempted and failed.

Flourishing Combat

Your showy combat style is both practical and useful as a performer, using a dance around the opponent which causes them to become befuddled.

You can use your Charm in place of your normal ability score on your Sword skill rolls.

Strong Will

In the face of adversity, your iron will won't crack. You're hardened through not only past experiences, but rigorous training.

You receive a +1 bonus to Grit. You also receive a bonus +1 Grit against fear effects.


You always undertake your tasks seriously, never slacking nor complaining - there is honor in serving, and you take pride in it.

If you receive orders from another individual, you receive a +1 die bonus to Combat, Physical, and Social skills used in an effort to complete this task for 1d4 hours.

Toxin Resistance

Through either natural resistance or constant exposure to certain toxic substances, you've become accustomed to shaking them off.

You receive a +3 bonus to Resilience against poisons, toxins, diseases, and radiation.


You've grown and cultivated a breed of plants which you've ground up into a paste to be applied to the gums. This paste speeds up natural healing, and closing fresh wounds.

You receive a number of these paste substances per day equal to your rank in Herbalism (1 for Trained, up to 6 for Mastered). When applying this to an ally (which takes a Major Action, they heal 1d6 Hit Points if they've received any wounds within the past two hours.

Eye for Detail

You've always had a knack for picking up small details others would easily overlook. It also comes in handy plenty of times.

You receive a +1 die bonus to Sight checks. In addition, once per day you can call upon your Eye for Detail and sacrifice this +1 die bonus for 24 hours in order to automatically succeed at a needed Sight check. If there is no reasonable way for the player to see something or the check to do so is 8 or higher, the usage of the ability fails however the usage and the +1 die bonus are not taken away for the failed attempt.


You're at the bottom rung of the social ladder, with no real way of working up and pulling yourself out of the mud. Despite this drawback, you get some useful knowledge on the underground or criminal elements of society.

While within an area with a criminal organization, black market, or other forms of underground societies (such as illegal dog fighting rings) you can attempt a Deception check in order to convince people to give up information on where these areas are.


With a fierce independent streak, you've shown yourself to be a public dissident and are not ashamed of taking actions against your perceived oppressors.

Choose a group which acts as your 'oppressor', this group must either be a government organization or group of society (such as a race, ethnicity, or religious order). Against this group you receive a +1 die bonus to all attack rolls against them, and deal an additional 1 damage on attack rolls.

Strong Arms

After a long while of doing manual labor and physically exerting yourself, you've acquired strong biceps.

Increase your Strength ability score by 1.


You've found an inner peace through your order, its teachings shaping you into a loyal follower and adherent to the rules and traditions.

You receive a +1 bonus to two defenses of your choice (Resilience, Avoid, and Grit). The same defense cannot be chosen again.


Through intense training with the practitioners of a more mystical sect, you've reached the highest stage of enlightenment which has unlocked the ability for you to manipulate your ki path ways, as well as those of others to a limited degree.

This trait is a prerequisite for classes which grant access to Ki powers.


What is most important when in your profession is integrity. Even if it's not true, you need to show others that you're reliable and upstanding in order for them to do business with you.

When interacting with individuals who are interested in hiring you with the promise of monetary gain or other rewards, you receive a +1 to all Social skills.

Good Deal

Long years of going through the process of haggling, negotiating, and cutting deals has led to you understanding when something is a great or rotten deal.

You can use Appraise against an opponent's Deception, Haggling, or Persuasion check when making sales or trades as an opposed test, and on a successful roll you are able to determine if the person is giving a fair price/deal or not. Typically when selling items, the shop owner still needs to make money, and thus deals hovering around the expected selling price or higher are considered good deals, not necessarily what the character or player may individually think.


From when you were a kid all the way to now, you've always enjoyed breaking things. Thankfully, now, it's being channeled into more productive areas…right?

When damaging objects, mining, chopping wood, or other objects involving destroying or breaking an inanimate object, you deal an additional +1d6 damage.

Keen Hearing

Your ears are attuned to being able to pick up on more subtle sounds, a skill not everyone is capable of.

You receive a +1 die bonus on Hearing checks. In addition, you can hear at a distance of twice your normal range.

"The Spark"

What is colloquially referred to as "The Spark", this is the innate ability to use magic. Magic is unstable, fickle, and powerful…it is usually met with a mix of awe and fear. Mages make up less than 0.005% of the population of the world, yet the knowledge of a mage being present usually causes a stir wherever they go.

This trait is a prerequisite for most spellcasting classes.

False Mage

Through subtle use of trickery, you're able to weave a narrative of you being innately magical in nature despite evidence to the contrary. This is usually easy to see through by real magic users, but considering how rare they are, most people are fooled.

When taking actions you can attempt to 'cast a spell', choose a spell from the Spells page and use the spell's TN as your Deception TN. On a successful Deception check, you use various tricks - sleight of hand, misdirection, and so on to fool the onlooker into believing you've cast the spell. For example, if you were to cast a fire spell, you can mimic the motions but instead pull out a zippo and spray can, spraying flames out at a foe, and once done the people believe it was really magic. These are largely up to the GM and the player to determine what they can try to do to replicate the spell, but do note that they don't actually reproduce the spell's effects, but instead use a substitute. For example, in the above example, you'd use the rules for a makeshift flamethrower instead of any fire spell.

Blue Blooded

Being born into a prestigious family has led you to believing you're superior than others. It's not really true, but…you sure do act like you are.

Against those who don't possess Mark of Nobility, Mark of Royalty, or aren't in a prestigious position (such as being a president) you receive a +1 die bonus to Social skill rolls against them.

Mark of Nobility

This is a 'mark' which shows you're of a truly…unique upbringing. It may be a birthmark noble bloodlines share, an accent or lingo exclusively used by the upper class, or manners of acting which are complex to navigate without being born into nobility.

You must attempt a Deception (if verbal) or Disguise (if physical) check to hide your 'mark'. When not hiding your mark, you are easily recognizable as someone of the upper class, and receive better treatment from those who respect authority while those who hate authority figures hate you.

Well Travelled

You've been around, seeing and experiencing many different places which others would've only ever dreamed of seeing.

When travelling, you and your allies are able to travel 4 more miles than normal. (Standard travel is 24 miles overland in a day on foot)


Politicians have a reputation for being lying and conniving individuals. You're one of these people adding to this reputation, turning it from unfair stereotype to being a real issue.

You can convince people you're their ally on a successful Deception check against their Grit, even if they are enemies normally hostile toward you. This does not extend to your allies, and in scenarios where someone is unwavering in their hatred (such as assassins or even just people whose mind is made up and they won't shake from their belief). Regular foot soldiers, bandits, and most civilians are able to fall for this trick, even if only for enough time for you to do what you need to.


Time in jail has been rough, whether the guards were humane or not - fellow prisoners usually never are. You've seen your fair share of shanking, suicides, and beat downs. Through this, you have garnered how to act so as not to cause people of the…less than legal path to take notice of you.

Against individuals who are criminals, former prisoners (such as yourself), or bandits, you receive a +2 die bonus to Disguise and Sneaking against them.

Innocent Yet Charged

Truth is, you were innocent. Unlike all of the guilty sons-of-bitches who profess their innocence despite having committed their crime, you truly were just given a bad hand by lady luck. Now you've got the stain of being a 'criminal' on you despite you knowing you aren't and never were.

You receive a +1 die bonus to Persuasion checks. This increases to a +2 die bonus if you're making Persuasion checks to try and convince people you're innocent of whatever crime you were incarcerated for committing.


You learn fast, and this leads to picking up new skills and talents at a pace others wished they could match when they were younger.

When learning skills or advancing skill ranks, you reduce the time to do so by half.

Mark of Royalty

Like the Mark of Nobility, the Mark of Royalty is a signature characteristic the royalty and other high ranking nobles share together - something which makes them distinct, even among the upper class.

This functions as Mark of Nobility except in areas where your power is recognized (such as lands you own, or where your power is respected and/or feared) not addressing you with respect is an insult and is often also a crime. Guards will typically take your side in any criminal matter they haven't witnessed themselves.

Sea Legs

Being accustomed to life at sea and the sway of the boat on the waves, you've adapted to overcome the harshness of the sea.

You are unable to be tripped due to a boat you're riding on swaying, and needn't make checks to attempt to move faster over difficult terrain while on a boat.

Junk Master

Taking any old useless shit found in the local dumps and scrap heaps and converting them into something useable. These makeshift items usually fall apart not long after, but hey, they served their temporary purpose.

Once per day you can create a makeshift item; either a weapon or usable item - neither of which cannot be higher than 2,000 Serpents in cost. This makeshift item is only usable by you, and lasts for 1d4 hours.

Eidetic Memory

You remember everything you've seen, and can remember many things others would pass off as trivial.

If something would require the player to remember, you can call upon this trait to remember it. In addition, any time you would use any Sense roll, you can recall the details from these rolls at any time. If at least 24 hours pass you can attempt a new check against the TN increased by 1 to try and gleam new details you may have missed (if you have, or failed the first check), and this can be done every 24 hours thereafter, each time increasing the TN by 1.


Some people's names are known. Others (like you) aren't just "known"; you have a reputation, people who adore or despise you, and your name and details are recognized.

When making a Social skill check, the GM must determine if the individual first knows of you (if it would make sense for them to or not), and if they like or despise you. If the individual likes you, you gain a +1 die bonus to the skill check. If the individual despises you, the TN is increased by 1 (except for with Intimidate).

Most people who know of your character will likely like them, even if only mildly. Exceptions exist; such as enemies, people you've insulted, or people who hate your beliefs. People who haven't heard of you are ambivalent and you gain no bonus or penalty from them. These people should be those who wouldn't otherwise have a reason to know about you; foreigners with little worldly knowledge, anti-social individuals who don't care for news and media, hermits, and other such cases.

Lay of the Land

You've gotten a good grasp at various terrains and how to keep a low profile in many of them through careful steps and camouflage.

When entering in a new terrain (such as from a forest to a plains) you can spend 1 minute applying appropriate camo. After doing this, you receive a +1 die bonus to Sneaking and Tracking checks while within the terrain. In addition, you aren't affected by natural difficult terrain within this environment.

Whipped to Submission

You were too uppity, so your masters forced you to yield to their commands like a common slave. In fact…you pretty much were one, dutiful through fear.

When this trait is taken, choose either free or enslaved. If you are free, you receive a +1 Grit and receive a +1 die bonus on Combat skill rolls against your former master and other slave owners. If you are enslaved, you increase the TN of Deception and Intimidate checks against your master by 2 however you receive a +1 die bonus to one skill from each of the following categories: Craft, Knowledge, Physical, and Social.

Well Studied

You picked things up quickly from your teachers, absorbing a good amount of knowledge from your studies which you now intend to put to good use.

You receive an additional Lore skill at Learned rank, and a single Craft skill at Learned rank.

Unconventional Learner

You've never learned things the same way as others, 'by the book' doesn't quite work right for you. You certainly learn things well enough, just not in a way others may fully grasp or understand.

When learning skills or advancing skill ranks you increase the time by half, however when learning new skills your new rank is Practiced instead of Learned. If you are advancing the skill rank, you receive a +1 die bonus to the skill while learning to advance it while doing so - so long as you have spent at least 1 hour of the day practicing the skill.

By the Book

You collect taxes the "right" way, sending letters and giving notices on when they are due as well as increasing sums when needed. In addition, you know when to call the police to arrest the individual not paying.

You can choose to hide a threat within a diplomatic attempt, making the individual potentially more pliable and making acting on such a threat risky for the subject. Doing this, you can choose to make a Persuasion check when you would normally make an Intimidate check. Whether you pass or fail, individuals aren't likely to act on the veiled threat, and instead this usually determines whether they laugh it off or take it seriously.

Dirtied Hands

Some people are unwilling to pay the tax. This is an unacceptable outcome, and we'll take anything as payment, even if it means taking their life. This reputation of ruthless crackdowns on tax evasion leave the citizenry fearful of you, and the government eternally thankful.

You receive a +1 die bonus on Deception, Intimidate, and Persuasion checks against individuals of your own country. This bonus is increased to a +2 die bonus if the individual is one who you are collecting tax from, or who personally owes you something (regardless if they are of your country).


Teaching others your ways is your specialty, passing along knowledge you've gained through your life. After all, the next generation must learn, who best but you?

You are able to serve as a Skill Tutor, teaching people or helping them advance their skill. You can only teach others skills you are at least Learned in, and can only help them advance to the same rank as you have in the skill.

Will to Teach

Teaching is a learning experience and you've relished your experience as a teacher. It's made you wiser, influencing you to keep teaching as you have been.

You receive a +1 die bonus to skills you are currently teaching to others, so long as you have engaged in teaching the skill to someone for at least 1 hour that day.

I Hate Kids

Teaching is a learning experience, and…you've learned from it. You hate kids. You really fuckin' hate kids. Ungrateful little bastards, you teach for them and they…they just don't get it. They don't appreciate it. It's infuriating, and your energy for dealing with them has long since reached a breaking point. Ugh.

You receive a +1 die bonus to any Combat or Intimidate skill rolls against minors (under 16 years old typically). This bonus increases to a +2 die bonus if the child is learning a skill or advancing a skill under you. They also increase their learning time by half, as you really can't be bothered to teach them properly.

Strong Will

Your will is strong - tough as steel and as unbendable as titanium.

You receive a +2 bonus to Grit.


Others curse you for your incantations, while a few bless you for your help. Whether you use them for good or ill, many are suspicious of witches, no matter how good.

If you already possess the Hexes spellcasting type, you learn 1 new Hex spell, and 1 new Hex minor spell. If you don't possess Hexes, you instead receive Arcana and Lore (Dark Magic) at Learned.

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