Species Traits

Species traits are traits which are unique to different species, and are typically variant subspecies or abilities which some of a species may possess, but not all.

Human Traits

The Struggle

Humanity is fragile, weak, and can end at the drop of a hat. Not only are humans competing with each other, but they're competing with the various other species which inhabit the world. This struggle breeds a hardened, more resilient culture, able to withstand hardship and endure. You receive a +1 bonus to Grit. This bonus increases to +2 when being subjected to effects which would inflict Fear.


Despite humanity's shortcomings and perceived weakness, there is no doubt they've become the powerhouse of the world in terms of influence. Despite being divided by ideology, humans span across the globe and have proven themselves as the dominant species - for now. You receive a +1 die bonus on Social checks made against non-human species. This does not include species who are mutated or modified humans (such as Borgs, which are human cyborgs), but would include artificial creations meant to mimic humans (such as Androids).


One thing prized by many humans is their ability to adapt to their surroundings and nature, especially when living in a specific area for some time. If you live in an area of a cold or hot climate (see the Weather rules) for a number of days equal to 14 minus your Vitality (minimum of 1), you build up an immunity while there and no longer suffer the negative effects so long as you continue living there. If you leave the area for more moderate climates, you must accumulate an immunity once again. However, if you leave for a more extreme version of the climate (from cold to extreme cold, for example) you must acclimate to this new climate in a similar way to the previous climate, treating the penalties from the more extreme climate as if it were the less extreme variant while you attempt to immunize yourself to it.

Mixed Bloodline

Humans sometimes interbreed with other species, especially in areas where there is a more liberal society of trade and inter-species communication. Choose another species other than human (or modified humans such as Borgs), you count as this species as well as a human for certain effects and species-based restrictions.

Einstyr Traits

Sharp Horns

Unlike others of your kind, yours are much more attuned for attacking and are often used as a means of last minute defense. You receive a Gore natural attack; this deals 3 piercing damage, requires 4 successes to critically hit, does not have integrity similar to the Unarmed attacks, and have the Pushing special quality.

Caste of the Leaf

Part of the secret Caste, known as the 'Caste of the Leaf', you were born during the spring equinox and are regarded with reverence as one of the "Blessed" of the society. Select a time frame - day or night. During the time frame chosen, you are able to use the powers granted to you by this trait. Caste of the Leaf grants you access to Miracles.

Dark Omen

Born during the ominous "Blood Moon", children born during these times are guaranteed to be born with stark white hair and black pupil-less eyes. You receive a +1 die bonus to Intimidate checks. This becomes a +2 die bonus instead if you are dealing with other Einstyr.

Waste Spliced

Belonging to a tribe or having family who lived close to the "Blighted Grounds", the results of Man's prolonged chemical warfare and nuclear fallout have tainted your bloodline. You receive a +1 bonus to Resilience. This becomes a +2 bonus to Resilience against radiation, poisons, and drugs.

Yl'gal Traits

Thick Fur

Your fur is thicker than the average Yl'gal, making it harder for some attacks to puncture through and meet your flesh - and even if they do, they're less effective than normal. You are able to reduce shrapnel damage by 1, and non-ballistic damage is reduced by 2. This reduction doesn't stack with armor, but instead is superseded by more powerful armor if worn.

White Fur

Native to the snowier regions of the north, your tribe are able to blend into the snow easier and are accustomed to hunting beasts in the frozen terrain. You receive a +2 die bonus to Sneaking in snow or tundra environments.


Yl'gal who have mastered the art of going unseen, it's not like you're hiding always, but instead your presence isn't usually felt. You receive a +1 die bonus on Sneaking checks, and Tracking checks attempting to track you increase the TN by 1.

Thinky Sort

You've been one of the rare few Yl'gal to devote themselves to the 'Thinky Discipline', one made of 'philosophing' and most importantly - thinking. Choose one Knowledge skill, you receive a +1 die bonus to skill checks with that Knowledge skill. This cannot be changed later. In addition to this, you are accustomed to debate, and increase the TN of checks made to debate or argue with you (such as Persuasion) by 1.

Borg Traits


Your senses and sense of humanity have been stripped from you, leading to your emotions being dulled and your connection to your fellow man as well as your morality to falter. Anyone attempting a Social skill check against you increases the TN by 1, this TN increases by 2 instead if the effect is an Intimidate or Seduction attempt.


Your internal processes have been automated to a point that you're kept at your healthiest (or, as healthy as the rest of your body can be). You reduce the duration of poisons, toxins, and diseases by half.

Combat Drugs

As part of a military program you were given an automated system which injects stimulants or adrenaline directly into your bloodstream in times of need, and can be done on command as well if you know you're about to get into trouble. While under the effects of this, you increase your movement speed by +2 hexes and you receive a +1 die bonus to all attack rolls and deal an additional 1 damage. This effect lasts for 1d4 rounds, and can only be used once per day.


You've been subjected to enough bodily tampering that your soul has withered, and magic thus has a harder time affecting you…and you have a disconnect from magic. You are unable to use magic of any sort, however you receive a +3 bonus to all Defenses against any magic effects, spells, or magic abilities.

Urkata Traits


You have tusks characteristic to the more bullish and brutal of your kin. You receive a Bite natural attack; this deals 2 points of piercing damage, requires 4 successes to critically hit, does not have integrity similar to the Unarmed attacks, and have the Deadly special quality.


Coming from a culture of military glorification and the glorification of warriors and soldiers, you're a byproduct of this military propaganda. Choose one of the following Combat skills, you gain this skill at Trained proficiency; Axe, Bow, Cudgel, Heavy Weaponry, Polearm, Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Sword, Throwing, or Unarmed.


Taking the ancient practice of learning the arts of the Protectorate, you've come to understand how to best defend those in need of aid. By spending a Major Action, you can grant an adjacent ally a +2 to their Avoid, and they maintain this bonus until the beginning of your next turn unless they are no longer adjacent to you.

Crack of the Whip

Under the brutal regime of your homeland, you were taught that the way for you to succeed can only be achieved at the receiving end of a whip's lash. If you take damage to your Hit Points you can choose a Combat or Physical skill and for 1 minute you receive a +1 die bonus to this skill.

Bloatrhimer Traits


A rare few Bloatrhimers manage to break free from the hivemind, whether due to a weaker link to the "Mother" or from intentionally trying to break free. These are called "Independents", and are typically hunted and destroyed by other Bloatrhimers. Due to this lack of the hivemind, you actually increase your Intellect and Drive by 1.

Warrior Drone

One of the warriors for "Mother", you are linked to the greater hivemind and capable of coordinating with those fellow Bloatrhimers around you. You have telepathy out to 12 hexes with other Bloatrhimers (except those with the Liberated trait), and you receive Learned proficiency in a single Combat skill of your choice.

Deformed Mind

Deformities are common amongst Bloatrhimers, however yours seem to have congregated around your brain and skull area - your skull concaving and collapsing upon itself while what's remaining of your mind keeps the skull from completely falling in upon itself. Your maximum Intellect is 1, and all points which would be lost from your Intellect can instead be reallocated to other attributes except for Drive, Intuition, or Charm. In addition to this, you increase your bonus from Hive's Protection by 3 (to a total of a +5 bonus, which is a +10 vs. Fear, Confusion, and Dazed).

Deformed Muscles

Unlike many other Bloatrhimers you've had the unfortunate mutation which results in advanced muscle atrophy and difficulty in maintaining your usual bulk. Your base Hit Points is instead 8 + 1d8 (similar to Humans) and you increase the TN of all skill checks which rely on Strength or Vitality by 2. In exchange, you increase your Dexterity and Agility by 2 each.

B'vati Traits

Strong Link

Your link to your host is stronger than normal, and this link strengthens both yours and your host's mind at the same time. You receive a +1 bonus to your Grit, and can once per day use Absorb Knowledge on your host - doing this deals 4 points of untyped damage to your host but grants the bonuses as normal.

Parasitic Powers

Your host is more aware of your existence than normal, and thus is more in control of you than you are of them. This has led to them utilizing your parasitic abilities to enhance their bodies. You are able to grant yourself a set of claws which can be used as an Unarmed weapon which deals 3 Slashing, has a Crit of 3, and has the Deadly special quality.

Benevolent Strain

You and your host are mutually beneficial towards one another, and this benevolence allows you to better coordinate together. You are unable to produce more B'vati and are unable to use your Emergency Exit ability, however you gain the following species ability in place of it;

Second Chance: If you would be dropped to 0 hit points or lower but not slain, you can still move and interact with scenery despite this. You're incapable of attacking or putting up much resistance, however you're able to do tasks such as attempting to heal yourself.

Loose Link

Your link is a lot weaker to your host than normal, leading to you wrestling for control from them often in order to ensure you are the one truly in charge. You decrease one of the following by 1; Intellect, Drive, Intuition, or Charm. In exchange, you increase Vitality by 1 and your base Hit Points are 10 + 1d6 instead of 8 + 1d6.

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